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Can you give me your thoughts on Burlesque?

I run a cabaret club and would like peoples ideas and thoughts on the subject Twisted Evil
is it boring, or do you think a good arty routine is good enough? we have a lot a dancers but I think too much lip syncing is dull no matter how "arty" it is
ain't that too passé, been there done that style of theater ... people want their theater like MTv flashing, quick, funny, sexy, full with emotion...
but than again I haven't been too any burlesque soirées.. can I have free tickets to experience it in your club ??
well most of our troupe are art students and we have lots of good visuals, in fact the whole show is quite arty, i was just wondering if anyone had any ideas on the show, I havnt been to any other burlesque shos (i plan on going to some)
my views on burlesque arent that good, i realize it started like 100-200 years ago, when everyone was a prude and burlesque was all that was allowed to be shown while still being socially acceptible. but this isnt a country of prudes anymore, well kinda not. we have strip bars in almost every town, and some towns have several.

there is no need for burlesque, our society has moved on, we want more than burlesque offers. which is why we have strip bars, brothels and porn in every blockbuster. people are more into bondage than burlesque. although i dont like either.

one last thing, i dont feel its art. people all over the place, mostly in new york, claim that all sorts of silly things are art.
art needs a clearer definition cuz the current one is too broad.
the Suicide Girls are an AWESOME goth/punk burlesque show. THAT is hot.
People who talk about Burlesque being made obsolete by all nude strip clubs and porn don't really get it and never will. Yes, burlesque can be titilating and a bit bawdy, and yes, it began at a time (though someone's grasp of history is seriously off) when it pushed the bounds of acceptablility. However, it is not and was never meant to be raunchy, tasteless or in your face like strip joints. It requires more artful, teasing sensibilities. Not that I'd ever insult people who work in the sex industry, but it's not at all the same. It's not supposed to be. It requires the abiltity to dance, to perform gracefully, in some cases to be very nearly a slight of hand artist.
I don't speak from experiance, since I can't dance and am not particularly appealing, but I have seen a number of documentaries and read a good deal about it. I don't have an specific ideas for your show, other than perhaps looking into finding video of successful acts from the heyday of the art and using them for inspiration in creating new acts. Some of the classic images of erotic female beauty never change, for example displaying only a part of the body at a time, or the use or symbolic use of water or bubbles. Feathers, parasoles, elaborate costume jewelry and other soft, feminine articles can add an elegent appeal. I'm not sure exactly the sort of ideas / thoughts your looking for here...
im not even sure i know what it means. can someone tell me?

btw, i like that movie aswell (suicide girls or whatever the english titel is, sucky title according to me anyway), but only because of the humor Wink
SilverDogg wrote:
im not even sure i know what it means. can someone tell me?

btw, i like that movie aswell (suicide girls or whatever the english titel is, sucky title according to me anyway), but only because of the humor Wink

Google... it does a world of good. I hope these help answer your question.

Also, the Suicide Girls he's refering to is not the title of a movie, I think. Again, any decent search engine should point the way. The are a group of young women who have a burlesque revival style show. They also run a very original and often thought provoking, though decidedly erotic, website. Most of the Suicide Girls are pierced or tatoo'd and thier styles range from nuevo-pinup to Goth and Punk. The mindset seems to be sexual liberated and self-aware feminist in tone, but that's just my impression based on a segment on cable tv. I can't vouch for any of it, really. I wouldn't suggest looking the Suicide Girls' site over unless you are of age, though so, consider yourself advised.
It's called "Pretty Things" and I've seen it on cable in both english and spanish. Since it's full of pictures and even movie clips of classic acts from the heyday of the art, I imagine it would be inspiring even if one didn't catch a world of the Dialog.

Oh, and correction to myself. There _is_ a Suicide Girls movie. It's called Suicide Girls: The First Tour and it is about the same people I was thinking of. I was thrilled to find out there are a movie, though I don't think it's as much like classic burlesque as I'd been hoping it would be. Still, fascinating. I love this sort of lost or underground history aspect to burlesque.
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