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remove cap from internet connection

I have a fibre optic connection at's provided by my university.when they first set it up, they didn't any kind of speed limit and so i used to get about 1-2 MB/s download speeds.once they completed the work, they capped all users at 512 kbps.How do i get around this?
You break into the university's server room, find the switch responsible for your room, hack into it, and then reset the bandwidth limit for the port that's connected to your room.
You'll then need to get back out without leaving a trace, or their admins will probably put it right back where it was, and be highly suspicious of anyone who's in the room that the one altered port connects to.

Petition the school's IT department to change it back.

In other words, no, you can't.
This is probably capped at your NTU.
I've seen posts somewhere in the past ( noty sure if on frihost) on a rather risky way to use a hacked cable modem to increase speed and bandwith.
you could try that if you are willing to take the risk

ocalhoun wrote:
A:You break into the university's server room.

you could trace the switch and remotely hack into it.
this would leave less trace then breaking and entering
To summarize the views and illustrations given so far,

You (probably) can't. Of course if you're really determined, maybe somebody's cousin knows this guy who ... . But of course we prefer not to talk about that.

You shouldn't. Considering your responsibility to be a law-abiding citizen, even considering the quite likely consequences to yourself if you're caught ... It's a no-brainer, either way.

But there is another possibility I think should be considered, based on Ocalhoun's second suggestion. Of course if you approach the IT department they won't want any part of it. But can you justify a higher bandwidth for a research proposal? You would need to think carefully who and how to approach to request additional bandwidth, and you'd better have a real reason that would benefit the University as well as further your education.
Marcuzzo wrote:

ocalhoun wrote:
A:You break into the university's server room.

you could trace the switch and remotely hack into it.
this would leave less trace then breaking and entering

Most of the high-end switches I've seen have a dedicated serial/usb/network connection for logging in to change settings, and their settings can't be modified by using the normal data ports... that way, you can only mess around with the switch if you have physical access to it.

Or maybe that's just a military thing, and most civilian setups don't require that kind of security?
We have an internet connection here that also has capping. Only 800MB for 1 day is allowed. =(

I hope there is a solution to this..
riyadh wrote:
How do i get around this?

Moving out of the dorm and paying for your own internet would be the only thing that I could suggest that would actually work.
I have an internet connection and its speed is very good, but I have checked more internet packages on internet. Should I change this???
you probably can't!
so don't do it , its illegal.
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