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Whenever you make a site do not use too much FLASH. It is really painful and takes ages to load and if you have too much it lags
nice tip....i think this is being discussed in another forum Smile
Yes, keep it simple.
People don't like to wait for pages to load and go somewhere else.

If you have flash on your site its much more animated, which can be more beautiful. And yes the loading can take a while, but you can have a much active site. And if you do really care about fast loading create a start page with 2 links like: click here for the flash site and here for the text site. or something like that.
Especially with a photobook i would use flash, u have a lot of effects and can a better index than with text. but as a normal page i do use too text.
NO, keep it simple and fast.

thats what it's all about, or have not got it ?

if your going to make a flash website, and nothing at all ever is going to stop you, then try to make sure there is actually some content. and even more importantly have preloaders, and dont put it all in one file either.

thats only if you are not at all even slightly likely to make a non-flash webpage.
Actually it depends on what type of site you have. If you have a business related site then you want it simple and fast. However, if you have a personal site then you might want to have a little bit of flash, but don't go overboard with it.
there are ways of keeping loading times to a minimum when making a flash site. like not using too much images but converting them to flash forms, no sounds, no video, ...
you have to get to know the program before you start releasing things on the world.
HAHAHA yeah i realised that too. With my website i had flash as like the main parts but then i reverted back to html, css, and js. I think that its a good idea to use very little amounts of flash not only because not everyone has it but also because of the loading times, it does get rather annoying Rolling Eyes
sometimes, it actually depends on your site's purpose and your directed audience.

If your site is about animation, design and stuff like that. You need to make your page quite capturing.

Flash has the most lightweight animation capabilities due to its use of vector images. Some people do use raster images on flash, which defeats the softwares purpose of vector streaming and actually gives a pain of a load to dial-up users. Very Happy -> a site of a flash animation guru[/url]
If you do use lots of Flash, at least have an HTML-Only alternative for people who don't want to deal wit hthe bells and whistles of Flash, or the loading time of it.
Simply make 2 versions .. one HTML only : ) and the other one including FLASH ...

But yeah if u are using flash .. u can make a 20kb movie that has images etc it isnt that hard ...

Also nowadays many people have faster Internet Connections so don't be afraid to have not that small of flash.
Its wrong to assume that its flash fault that it loads so long or that the site is big. Its same with HTML, everything depends on content, i know simple sites that use 512x512 bmp!!! images as background, and it takes a while to load on slower connections, so should i go and shout around that HTML sux couse it loads too long? Nope. And thats the same with flash, if the designer/developer is clever, actually understands flash possibilities and doesnt use it just for the self-purpose "i want flash" then u can see how a good flash webpage is a like.
That isn't always true...
Cause the flash files you use in your website are totally different..
Some websites use flash files that makes you load very fast...
Some flash files are bigger files...
So depens on what you use...

But your right...
Mostly if i have a little animation i make it in gif file...
Very easily Very Happy !!
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