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Interactive Webpage using still shots from a video file.

Say for example I wanted to give you a tour of my apartment. I'd make a movie which starts from the front door, covering every nook and cranny as well as shots of looking outside of every window, etc. I make my way back out to the front door and I'm facing my street (video completed).
I'd place that video file in a /video directory on my site.
Is there a technology where I can use this video file and produce stills on my site where the visitor is able to interactively control their movements within my apartment.
The overall end result is similar to what you have on "street view" of Google Earth. I want to be able to replicate street view with the use of the video file I created and the webpage.
I've tried Googling if such a technique, technology, procedure exists but once I plug in Google Earth... I don't get to where I need to go. There is probably a term for this but am not aware of it. Was hoping if someone might be able to direct me in... at this point, any direction.
I had a quick look and found this

Might be easier to do just photos
Josso wrote:
I had a quick look and found this

Might be easier to do just photos

Thanks Josso, appreciated the site. With all the streaming of vidoes and such, and the abilities to create snapshots from videos (for example with the use of VLC Media Player). It would make sense that the technology is already there, and if not, wouldn't it be cool if it were? Gonna hold out on this one and hope something can come about.
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