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after 7 years on here, Thanks Bondings!

Thanks Bondings and all the moderators!

Since joining in 2005, this was my first hosting service. I wanted to test the waters with free hosting before i spent any money and frihost was the best. over 7 years later, I still use frihost to host my main website. I was able to get the word "design" as my url. Here's my site now:

Although I do have paid hosting now, I just want to thank you guys for improving frihost over the years and providing me so much help and guidance. I remember the day when I had to ask Bondings what "public_html" was.... hahah..

Thanks again Frihost

Nice Website there. Great story as well. Thanks for sharing it. Cool
Yes, I learnt many things about World Wide Web that I never known before from Frihost as well.
Frihost is the wonderful classroom and workshop where we can learn and practice.
Also, we can even make money from the websites that hosted on Frihost.
So, we should thanks a lot to Bonding and his team whose provide and maintain Frihost for us.
Thank you very much.

Yeah, my knowledge about real time hosting has highly enriched with the people in this forum. My son was born in the same year I joined here (2006). It is wonderful to see both growing in front of my eyes.
My responsibility to both of them is increasing with time.
7 years.. That's a long time~ Shocked

Frihost is really the best free web hosting I've ever seen. I joined as a frihoster when I graduated from my high school. I feel now exactly the same as you do.
Though I'm not so excited about being a webmaster as I felt two years ago, I think I started to know what is a proper webmaster and how the life changes as an administrator here, at Frihost.
Wow, you have been here a long time back. This is where you started. It is nice to know that frihost has been alive for such a long time.
Good to hear.
And nice to see you back Very Happy
I have a similar story, as an old member. Great work achieved here. A nice community gathered and well service is given
After some years I am left, and have a web page that I hardly maintain, Cp is so damn bad... asks for password all the time...

But still here because I am always winning the argumentation in these threads! I am a wiz at this! So fun to beat the rest verbally!
After my old free host closed their doors, Bondings posted on our forum trying to advertise the newly created Frihost. While I signed up right away I remained skeptical of the financial viability of this service, since my previous host made most of their money with paid hosting and still closed that service. And yet here we are all these years later with great success, and continued advances in free hosting!!!
wow!! thanks for sharing your experience and stories..
I am very thankful to have found frihost. I was beginning to feel disheartened by the lack of flexibility of other services and then somehow accidentally came here. And not only found awesome hosting but a family of friends too...
I can't actually remember how I first encountered Frihost but I'm still here long after moving to paid hosting - it may have been a directory somewhere. I figured the whole forum contribution thing was superior to other methods
I hope to move to paid hosting of some kind in the future. Get some passive income coming in. Smile Until then I'm absolutely grateful for the hosting I've received here over the years. Cool
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