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yes! but it is allways that way! in the first people are surpreended by the special effects. the other are just more from the same!

Please make the Four! Maybe.."Matrix, the return of neo" Idea
This is one great film! (Keanu Reeves) as the protagonist Neo is outstanding and gives a stellar performance in this film. But he is not the only one. Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne) as the leader of a rebel group of fighers unwilling to cave-in to the non-reality world offered to all of them, is just perfect in his role. I found this film fascinating. In the world the film takes place in, all time is lost. Earth has been destroyed, and those few humans who do inhabit it are not about to relinquish their control: They have been beaten, but not defeated. What is left of humanity are used as batteries to keep the virtual-reality of the present world functioning. When Neo is taken out of this virtual-reality, and thrust into the real reality [is there one?] you wonder, was HIS world better? Afterall, to Neo his world was a reality without conflict. At least not the kind he is about to face.

Furthermore, the world he now inhabits is one of constant war with the beings whose devastation of Earth brought about their own entrapment. I think I'd prefer reality with all the faults. I really enjoyed this film's reality-versus-non-reality that is the primary basis for the film. Besides being a great sci-fi film, this is also a great philosophical film. And although I am not a hugh fan of CGI, it worked extremely well in this film. Sometimes, the right times, it is needed and necessary. This is the only Matrix film I like, and if the studios left the film alone without a trilogy, that would have been fine with me, because with this film you don't need to go any further.

Moreover, there is Agent Smith (Hugo Weaving) the antagonist in the film. He played his role exceptionally well. I was a pleasure watching his performance as the never ceasing always engaging antagonist whose only function is to destroy what humans are left. His anger and frustation at the constant failures to destroy the few remaining humans was great. You almost felt that he really was angry. What great acting. I highly recommend this film to everyone. I noticed that there are quite a few reviews of this film, and I can see why. If anyone has not seen this film, I would highly recommend they do. See it several times in fact. This is definetly one for repeated viewings. Highest recommendation [Stars: 5+]
pegasus sword
me too i wish the production of a fourth matrix film i don't know but perhaps the war isn't finished yet it was just like a rest and the sentinels will return to to sion i don't know if the names i quoted are right or no because i watvhed the films in french so neo must contnue the battle
A fourth matrix movie wouldn't work now - I think the cinema-going public have moved on enough to not warrant a revival of the series that envoked 'mixed' reviews during it's final outing.

The best companion piece to The Matrix was The Animatrix, which kind of shows life outside of the framework of the movie. There are some really strong short stories in there, and it probably did a better job of complementing the first movie than either sequel did.
The Matrix Online is the continuation of the plot started in the movies.

Shame the game is crap....

A 4th movie isn't going to work, everyone I know (and the majority of people I talk to online) where dissapointed with the 2nd and 3rd films. The 1st on the other hand is an excellent movie. I just don't believe a 4th would be worth it, nor would be cut it as anything other than a STDVD release...
the matrix trilogy is a benchmark in parallel cinema and sets standards real high....

there are over gazillion movies in diff languages that have attempted the same visuals but the matrix is matchless...
Hi people,

I liked very much that first movie, but I didn´t like the second and the third one.

The first was new, there was so much fun, but the others were strange, there was no rotery.
I like the philosophical idea about choosing...destiny, answers...
but I would like to see (hear) more geek l337.
To access the "Source" from inside?! c'mon.

talonsmallville wrote:
The first was new, there was so much fun

I agree.
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