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What to do when your parents are quarrelling?

Many of us have these kind of experience, especially when we are young.
They are quarrelling, u stand here, dont know what to do.
Nothing seems to help.
Anyone got a good idea?

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nothing. it's the parent that should do something about it.

well, if you are an adult, just amuse yourself.
My parents were like that. They quarreled a lot and still do (but the amount is low now). It was awkward when I had friends in my home and they were fighting over something and we could hear them. But now it is ok.

I think the best thing to do when they are quarreling is to get out of the house. When they are in a cool mood, explain your feelings to them. They might stop or just minimize their quarreling or at least argue in a small voice.
I'm old now, and living with my parents was a long time ago. They used to quarrel a lot, and my typical reaction when I was little was to hide, in my room, or in a closet or the basement. As I got older I would leave the house and go for a walk or ride. It was difficult to be around to say the least.

I have been through two relationships with women that seemed to love to insult me, and say things just to start and argument. My response then was to hide in my room or the garage, pretend that she wasn't there, or to leave the house and go for a walk. It never worked though, usually they were just waiting to unload on me when I returned.

My therapist told me that she dealt with an large number of children that were from divorced families. She said that overwhelmingly the response from children was not that they were upset that their parents were divorced, but they were grateful that the fighting between them had finally stopped!!
well that's an awkward situation

stand quiet while calming down both of them - If things are going high then take one out of the room
I always stand quiet.
Try to calm down either my father or mother.
I think it's best not to take sides. Just stay out of it for the most part and hope things settle out.
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