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Pesky scripts running in the background

Just wondering. Being a non-geek and all. Is there some software around where one could pick up on scripts and be able to manage them better? I do get a warning, but the script some times has already reached the point of freezing my screen, before I can click on the "yes" button to end the script. I'd like to get in before it freezes. I don't get caught with that often, but tonight while I was working on a post and checking out art in Yahoo, I got in a situation like that. In the end I had to shut my computer down. Then when I logged in, out of the blue there was a Mozilla Firefox update in motion - Update 15. Without me having clicked on anything to say I wanted it. Then after that Firefox was freezing, and I was wondering whether I'd got a virus or something. Then shut down again, and now it seems to be working OK.

Still, this is not the first time I've been caught with scripts in the background that do things I don't have 100% control over - particularly to get out off. Would be wonderful if I could just hit the ESC key.
Yes, I would advise something like "Ghostery" or "AVG Do Not Track" to handle social networking plugins, advertising and statistic scripts.

However to handle ALL scripts I would advise something like "noscript" - it effectively as default does not load any scripts on a page and then you build up a whitelist of sites that you always allow - I pin a "temporarily allow" button to my firefox as well so that if the site will not function without scripts I can allow scripts on that page only. It also can be used for loading specific scripts on a page and not others. You'd have to make a list of sites you visit regually but generally it's a very good thing to have for venturing into the unknown. It also protects against other forms of security issues.

These are all firefox addons btw and I think you can get all of them from the official mozilla site.

As for unresponsive scripts basically you won't have a problem if you hardly ever load scripts like I do lol. Obviously there are some issues with functionality once you start going around not accepting scripts from everywhere but with the temp allow button disabling it is only really ever 1 click away.
Brilliant, thanks Josso. I do use Mozilla Firefox, so probably time to experiment with its add ons.
Personally, I use a firefox addon called quickjava.

It puts a series of buttons on the bottom right of the browser window:
(JS) (J) (F) (C) (I) (A) (CS)
--Javascript, Java, Flash, Cookies, Images, Animated gifs, and CSS respectively.

Normally they're blue, but clicking any of them turns the button red and disables the type of script/code/image it's associated with, instead rendering the page without it.
I like using that because it allows me to easily turn on/off any features that might be annoying me at the moment.
If you are a Windows user...

If Firefox (or some other app) is using up so much CPU cycles that your entire system is becoming unresponsive, you might want to try Process Tamer to automatically turn down the priority on misbehaving apps to prevent your machine from freezing up on you, and turn it back up when it stops misbehaving.

Be sure to read the instructions for it and change the settings to suit your needs. It might take awhile to get just the right combo of settings that keep everything running smoothly.

This isn't like those old bogus "memory cleaners". This app works entirely different, and yes, it does work and works quite well.

Also, for writing blog posts, you might want to look into using a stand alone desktop blog post editor instead of using the one in Wordpress, in your browser.

Windows Live Writer is a fantastic one. It's like typing directly into a blog page. Lots of formatting options, plugins available, etc. It can handle multiple blogs, on multiple blogging platforms, with multiple account IDs.

Microsoft really got this one right. Hard to believe they give it away for free. I know professional high profile bloggers that are Mac users, that are running Windows in a VM for no other purpose than just so they can use this app.
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