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Where should i begin?

Hi people;

I am planing to learn some maths and physics in my spare time. I want to do some graphic programming(Lets say a simple plasma effect). I know programming languages but not enough math. I really need someone to point me at the right direction. Where should i begin? which book should i acquire? which tutorials should i follow? Thanks in advance.
thanks Bikerman! I just enrolled Very Happy
I've also enrolled so we will be studying together which will be nice Smile
Just some suggestions and FYI.
First of all, what you want to achieve or to be?
A concrete target or direction?
If limit to self study way, you need to be your own course(program) developer.
Normally, you can use googling to look up such course(program) info from uni websites.
Those institutes are experienced course(program) developer.
From those uni course(program) -> subjects -> subject contents, you will know what to study with books/materials etc.

Personally, I got not much idea about plasma graphic programming.
However, I think your programming skill can handle gui programming without problem.

Due to my engineering background, plasma graphic in 2D for example is normally a representation of idea/concept. Such as energy, temperature, magnetic field, pressure, etc.
finite element analysis(FEA) always use plasma graphic for result presentations .
Of course, use mathematical functions/models can generate various plasma graphic as a kind of modern art I think.

If someone asked me about how to make 2D or 3D plasma graphic stuff in a simple way.
I will suggest he/she to have a look of
that is an embed R (statistics analysis package, can plot 2D/3D graphic) in Excel (I think you know that, can handle numbers and functions). Making R accessible from Excel and allowing to use Excel as a frontend. Also embed Scilab in Excel is available.
And statconn is free (Excel from M$ is not free, as you know; pls also check statconn, R, Scilab licenses).

You won't regret to learn R or Scilab if you really want to learn maths and physics.
Those tools are very sure wonderful free of charge tool in maths and physics disciplines.

Enjoy maths and physics study.
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