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Living in China?

I hear a lot about how China is contantly expanding and growing. I am wondering how life is for young chinese people. How is everday-life influenced by the rapid growth and what are their hopes and dreams? Any chinese users here?
chinese economy condition improved alot, that's true, but I dont think that's good a every chinese people.

maybe you cannot image how many poor chinese there be or how poor they exactly are if you living in US or EU, enjoy the society welfare.

most of the chinese young people of poor crawd (not in cities) cannot offer their study beyound high school. lots of them still living in starvation, with only no more than 300 US doller per year, these poor people struggling in this world. wired? just imagine, if they cannot offter their children to a high education, thier children cannot find a job in city even in a restaurant. so the only way to live on is planting in their poor fields... of course they cannot receive more money, so the next generation wont be possible to school...

in the city, people have a another kind of life... their children have computers, a lot of toys, their parent buy a lot of book for'em but most of them didnt know they have these books... while I was a child, that's around 1990, my majoy game is sports: play football, basketball, or just riding to a far place by a bike (it's hard to have a bike at that time)...

but now, my little cousins seems cannot survive without a computer or a playstation...

but still there are change, although what I said is exist, but there do are more people in the university and collage... there are more people can find a good job... poor are less and less... that's the truth...
I was in China last year in a place named Changzhou.

It is an industrialised area and a big town.

The split between rich and poor is quite obvious the rich drive Merc's and the others, they use bikes or walk.

The town streets are full of beggars.

The people are however very courtious and smile a lot. I felt safe walking alone down any street or alleyway even after dark.

I was in Beijing 2 years ago. The place was beautiful, many historical sites, and majority of the people there, i would consider them as average class i guess. They don't look too poor nor too rich, just like any other people walking on the streets.
I live in China's Fujian, welcome everybody to come Fujian to be a guest, we here industry is very developed, the scenery scenic spot are very many, once more welcome everybody to travel goes sightseeing.
i agree with soulman, that's right the chinese is improved very much. And many people are rich but there are lots of people poor. But the poor people are become less and less. now the china have put new file, that to change the poor people's life and sistuation.
China is suitable to live
Seems there are too many people in China
I lived in china for about 6 weeks, it was a couple years ago but it was soooo diferent. It was so crowded too! Except in the country, we went to the country for one day and there was loads of paddicks and stuff. We even saw people sweeping a busy highway in the middle of rush hour lol. You'd never see that here.
for china is a nice place to live...
what i recentely read was:

China cracks down on exam cheats

Associated Press
Thursday September 15, 2005

The Chinese government is considering a law calling for sentences of three to seven years for flagrant cases of exam fraud, the official Xinhua news agency reported today.
In the past, cheats were merely banned from future tests. But two widely reported cheating scandals last year in the central province of Henan involving teachers and scores of students prompted calls for harsher punishments.

The law would cover national exams, such as the college admission tests, graduate admissions exams and English competency exams, Xinhua said. It would not apply to individual schools' internal exams, professional tests, such as those for accountants, or exams run by overseas bodies, such as Tefl exams.

Punishments would depend on the "impact on society" of individual infractions, Xinhua said, citing a draft of the law now before the law and politics committee of the state council, China's cabinet. Relatively minor violations could result in a fine, while large-scale organised cheating could result in the maximum sentence along with additional punishments that were not described.

Those involved in last year's cheating incidents in Henan used mobile phones to send answers to students taking the three-day national university entrance exam. Students and teachers used text messages and digital cameras to pass questions to other teachers outside the exam hall who looked up the answers and messaged them to students who paid for them.

At least seven teachers and five students were arrested, though details of the charges or punishments they face were not disclosed. Other scams have involved switching exam papers and the use of "hired guns" - clever students paid to take exams for other people.

if you ask me ... it's not a very good law Exclamation
though the distence between poor and rich become more and more obvious
the poor get much better than before
and now the 11th 5 years' plan has come out
it's main aim is to decrease the situation Arrow
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