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How does Frihost make money?

The question is,
Frihost offers FREE web hosting and FREE top level domain names, what's more, "No forced advertisements at all"! Very Happy Smile
We can only see a few ads on
They are here:
The homepage 90px*728px banner(Flash).
And at the bottom of the first page of every post, we can see a 60px*468px banner(Text).
That's all! I would say. I cant find any other ads. Shocked
Come on!
That's how u make money, Frihost? Question
I cant believe it, since all the ads are not put in a good place to catch attention!To be honest, I hardly click the ads.
In my eye, Frihost is a webhosting-driven forum, People all around the world gather here because they wanna gain points and keep their website going.As time goes by, they become interested in posting here gradually,that's why Frihost becomes a popular internet community, which has been going for almost 7 years.
BUT , I don't see too many ads here.
I'm a little curious about how u Frihost make money? Question
How long can u Frihost keep going? Question
IF that's how u Frihost make money, I am even worried about whether the money can cover the cost of everything u have....
I think ads is the only way they make money. There are more ads in more disturbing positions for people that are not logged in.
Peterssidan wrote:
I think ads is the only way they make money. There are more ads in more disturbing positions for people that are not logged in.

Just now I logged out and had a try.
Just as what u have said, the ads for people not logged in are much more.
they are here:
The homepage 90px*728px banner(Flash/Image).
At the page of every post, there is a 600px*120px banner on the left, at the top is a big text ad, and then there is a one-line text ad.
with that being said, these ads are put in a good place! But the visual design make it easy for viewers to tell them from the main content.
Very few visitors would click on them....
In the early days, Frihost had more ads displayed. I do look at ads that are interesting to me. Bondings does a great job with this community he created.
probably enuff for having the servers up all this time...
spinout wrote:
probably enuff for having the servers up all this time...

I dont think that's enough. Confused
If you look at the at the bottom of the forum index page you see that there are more than 100 guest visitors constantly. That is quite a lot.
Maybe frihost doesn't exist for the purpose of making money? Maybe it's more the satisfaction of having a successfully running forum? Maybe Bondings makes money elsewhere to keep this place alive, financially?
Ghost Rider103
This question has been asked a few times in the past. A simple search will bring up some results.

Searching yourself will probably bring up more results. These are just a few that caught my eye real quick.

The answer, while somewhat private, is a bit obvious. Ads. If you log out of Frihost you'll notice that the forums are actually a little different looking and there are more ads. There are ads on the forums for logged in users that I'm sure you've noticed but they are not as apparent as the ads that you see when you are logged out.

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