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suggest wordpress photography theme plz

someone plz suggest me a good wordpress photography theme plz, i just got my new dslr and i plan to start a photography blog.

i started with this one, but still am not sure about it. comment plz. Arrow
Ghost Rider103
The one you are currently using isn't all that bad. I am not really a fan of the color combo though.

Also, on your interior pages, you have the "sharing is caring" box quite large and in two locations on each page. It's already quite apparent and large, larger than most sites that use a "sharing" type of system. If you want to keep it, my suggestion would be to only have it in one area, that area being at the bottom. This being as a viewer will only share an article/photo/(whatever) once they have looked at it and/or read it. So having the share buttons at the top of the article is a bit useless. It's crowding your page and making it look a bit sloppy when you have it on their twice.

Other than that it's not too bad.

Were you looking for suggestions that are free, or do you mind paying at all? You could search Google for free photography theme/template(s). Or you could go to websites like and search around, however I don't believe anything there is free.
thnx for your response Ghostrider, you are right about the share buttons i will remove them from the top. also i will mild down the colors a bit!

Did the website load in decent time or was it too slow??? because this is still only a structure with almost no content. I will be shifting my posts form my earlier blog to this one and maybe then it will take even more time loading!
Ghost Rider103
It did seem to load fine. The home page did take me about 3 seconds to load or so. But the site is image heavy and this could also be because of my internet. Nothing to worry about though I don't think.
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