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Hey guys,

recently I got 4GB of ram, to add to my current 4GB.

I tried the new ram on its own and with my old ram, but after loading up windows fine, it BSOD's after a few mins. If I revert to my original configuration then it works fine again.

old ram modules : 4GB mushkin, 667MHZ , PC3-10700. 1.5V
new ram modules: 4GB PNY technology, (CPU-z program says 667MHZ, but i believe thats because its working at the speed of the other slower ram) PC3- (cant remember someat abit lower than other). 1.5V

Any suggestions?

p.s. mobo = m4n58t pro
cpu = phenom II X4 955
RAM is very specific so you need the same pinset and everything so what you bought was PC3-10700 and your current RAM is PC3-10XXX (Where 'X' is some number) if they don't match then hence the BSOD. Get the same sticks and you should be golden.
Are you sure the clocks are correct? Looking at various websites, your motherboard should be using DDR3 memory. However, DDR3 only goes down to 800 mHz. What does CPU-Z say the new RAM by itself runs at? I don't really have any ideas about what's causing the BSODs though. The only thing I can think of is that the new RAM is somehow bad, in which case you're kind of out of luck unless you can return it.
If you purchased the memory new, you would probably be wise to return it if you have that option. The memory obviously did not install and run trouble-free, and that is what you should expect.

If you want to experiment more with the memory, there are a number of options. Perhaps one or two sticks is bad, and you could use the others. Perhaps the memory will function if you use a slower setting. Not a pleasant choice for continued use, I know.

I prefer to use a memory test program whenever I install new memory or suspect memory trouble. While no program can guarantee to find all problems, a problem as bad as you describe would likely show up quickly. I recommend Memtest86+, which is a bootable memory tester. It comes with most Linux live CDs. You can also download it from the site, You would probably want to get the Pre-Compiled Bootable ISO, write it to a CD, and boot it to test.
Are you using identical RAMs? Same type, same capacity, same frequency, same number of chips? If yes, then the fact that the new RAM stick gives you BSOD, there is a possibility that there is a problem with it.

It is always recommended to use identical RAMs when using the 2 memory banks. Aside from the same specifications, better use same brands.

If the new RAM keeps giving the BSOD after your tests, as suggested, return it and ask for replacement.
I always go to and let them scan my hardware for the right and compatible RAM/memory sticks/cards. and I have never had a problem.
Thanks very much I'll remember to use this! Smile
Thanks for sharing that site, silver.

I'll be using that too.
What pw supply do you have installed?
I would boot the system with a memtest disk and check the ram.
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