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more webspace

Is it possible to get webspace more than 250 Mb Question I have a suggestion to realize this probability.
Surprised Member webspaces could be evaluated according to their numbers of posts. Cool
For example:

Numbers of posts Webspace
~5~----------1000--------------****** 250 Mb
1000----------2000-------------****** 500 Mb
2000----------3000-------------****** 750 Mb
3000----------4000-------------****** 1000Mb=1Gb
4000----------5000-------------****** 1500Mb=1.5Gb
5000----------6000-------------****** 2000Mb=2Gb
6000----------7000-------------****** 2500Mb=2.5Gb
7000----------8000-------------****** 3000Mb=3Gb
8000----------9000-------------****** 4000Mb=4Gb
9000---------10000------------****** 5000Mb=5Gb
10000------->10000------------****** Unlimited

These values are just sample.Different numbers and different features might be offered by you.
This is my idea.Why not?
I'm looking forward to see your replies.
I think i have seen the same idea in the forum more than twice times.
It is said that our admin don't adopt it.
And i agree with our admin's pionts in this question.
Sorry, I dont like the idea.

The idea of people posting to get more webspace will only create much more spam.

Anyway, isn't 250mb enough?
How many of you can say: "I need more space, and i've got proof".

There are File Uploaders to upload big files, so you dont need to use up bandwidth, and space.
abone, you can search the forum about this subject and you will find lots of posts explaining that part.

as for the space.. 250 MB are more than enough for the regular webmaster, so needing more only goes for one of four things:

1 - You are using the space as a dump, to move files from one place to another.

2 - you're using it as an FTP to exchange files among people.

3 - You are using your webspace as a resseller.

4 - you have an extremely successfull site and you are lacking space/bandwith to keep the site up.

to simply put it:

R1 and R2 - this is a web hoster, not a public FTP or a file dump

R3 - Resseling is not allowed on FRIHost

R4 - If this is the case, you should be getting a payed host that would suit all your needs (such as server-side backups, crucial for any big site).

There are of course exceptions, but these will be treated exactly like that, like exceptions, one by one, with the FRIHost team.

Be Well Cool

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