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Problem with pizza sauce, any way to make it come out faster

For the past 10 months I've cooked up about 20 or more can-sized batches of pizza sauce from a top secret recipe book by Todd Wilbur. I copied the recipe from his book before giving it out as a Christmas gift.

It's tomato paste, water and 4 dried leafy spices and 5 non leafy spices.

The recipe smells and tastes great but only after 3 or more days in the fridge. Before that the sauce smells and tastes weaker like a spaghetti sauce with just the taste of garlic and onion. The rosemary/oregano/basil/thyme flavors aren't coming out during the cooking(boil then simmer for several minutes). One of the spices is Citric Acid which is a powdered preservative with a strong citrus flavor so it can last awhile in the fridge

The only deviation from the recipe is that I reduced the amount of water by about 20% so the pizza sauce is thicker. What I've been doing is cooking up the batch days before I'd use it. Most of the time the sauce ends up in a calzone in the microwave and not in a baked pizza.

Do you think there's a way to get the rosemary/oregano/basil/thyme flavors in a thick tomato sauce or have a way to get 20% of the water out of the sauce so it's thicker, or is that how dried leafy spices normally work?
Put the 20% more water back in, simmer down to desired thickness. That should give the spices time to leach out and infuse the sauce.
Have you tried using a pressure cooker? You might have to add some of the water back in to do it though, otherwise there won't be enough steam built up inside the pressure cooker.

I love mine...can cook things in about 30 minutes and it tastes like it has been cooking for hours.

You might also try using fresh herbs instead of the dried stuff.
By the way, You might be interested interested in Free Apron that help you in kitchen activities.
I liked it at face book and already ordered one -- FREE.
So I thought I may share it. ... While searching pizza discussion/recipe here.

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