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Ram and GPU slot

Firstly I'd like to thank all of you who helped for your invaluable advice,

my new system is massively satisfying and it feels good to finally be able to max all the new games.

But I was wondering about a few things I was hoping someone could clear up

1) I have 4GB DDR3 ram running at 667Mhz. Is this enough for gaming? I was wondering if I should upgrade to 8 GB with a faster frequency. My motherboard (M4N68T pro: )
will not take faster than 1333MHz (im not overclocking). But this purchase would be a waste if I was to upgrade my motherboard (which i may do in a year or so) that can take faster Ram (say 1600 of 200
Could I buy 8gb ram (2x4gb...for dual channel) 1600mhz ram and put it in my system with my old ram. If I read correctly Ram always works with the slowest speed of the Ram module present, so the 1600Mhz would be running at 667MHz..the speed of my old ram. Then if I upgraded later I could remove the slower ram?

2)according to most comments i've read mixing latencies, frequency and capacities isnt a problem in most cases, can someone confirm?

3) How much of a difference does ram frequency even make? Ive seen a fair few comments say it doesnt make that much difference past a certain point (if so whats this point?)

4) My motherboard has a 1.0 PCIx16 slot. my GPU is a gtx560 2.5gb edition. It runs with 2.0. does it make a massive difference to run it in the old variant of the slot?

5)I found this on the motherboard site: "*AMD AM3 100 and 200 series CPU support up to DDR3 1066MHz" not sure what they were i typed "am3 100 series" into google, one of the searches that came up was phenom microprocessor. I have a phenom II X4 955. So does this statment apply to me?

If it helps my system is this:
windows 7 64 bit OS
M4N68T-Pro (motherboard)
Geforce Gtx 570 2.5 GB EVGA
AMD Phenom II X4 955
4GB DDR3 667 MHz

After realising how big the post is....if you even got to the end, thanks for reading Smile
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