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Working overseas online

Hi, i'd like to know if someone has experience on working for clients outside their countries through the internet...

I'm webdeveloper, meaning i build and mantain web sites and web based applications, and i'm specializing in e-commerce, i've worked remotely but within my country.

I'm especially interested on the internet based experience because i don't want to move out of Brazil.

i know many websites that offer such opportunities but i'm interested in real world experiences.
I have done several engineering projects for companies outside of the U.S. without any major problems. Communication is always the key to success. That can present a problem with language barriers and time differences.
Yes, I agree communication is the main success same here i have clients abroad. Well, based on my experience as a website developer is not easy from because there are thousands of website developer doing the same thing.. I have know a thousands of freelance developer and a thousands of companies doing that kind of business local and abroad..

What i am saying is competition in web developing is a huge market.. Marketing is also hard doing in abroad.
i wish i could work online too, my mother is sick and i can't leave her, i want to be a web designer but i think i should be a web programer too. i will seek an online job but i will train myself first -.-

Are you a teeth? Because i can't smile without you xD
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