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Issue with Windows LIVE Movie Maker

All of a sudden I'm receiving the following message when trying to load Windows Live Movie Maker.

"Sorry, Movie Maker can't start. Make sure your computer meets the minimum system requirements... etc"

Well it has worked on this computer before, and all the drivers are up to date for my hardware, so no idea why it is doing this all of a sudden.

Anyone have any ideas?
If you are trying to do anything over the length of 5 minutes or anything particually complex then you are screwed basically. Sorry I can't help more but I have been in your situation many moons ago.

I was making a project with lots of edits and effects in a small amount of space I had to save various progress into 5 different projects. The 5th one with the most in it developed a problem where it would not run for more than 30 seconds before crashing. I had to copy the rest of the timeline into the 4th project file and render it as quickly as I could to save my work.

Also my friend and I tried editing 1 hour movies on it. Same issues I'm surprised we got it rendered. Movie maker is the most appauling, badly designed piece of crap I have ever had the displeasure of using.

I am willing to bet you have more than enough system resources or movie maker has just got itself in a tiz about one particualar effect or something and created a memory hole.

Are you trying to open a project file or just opening the program itself? If it's the latter you should be able to fix it. Also I strongly recommend adopting the multiple project file approach.
I was just trying to open the program. Haven't got as far as the editing stage.

I basically have 4 separate WMV files, each about 12 minutes long, and I'm trying to combine them together with some edits etc.
You should be ok for that as long as there aren't too many cuts I would avoid it like the plague in the future though.

I remember something along the lines of this but I've had about 100 different problems with WMM so it's hard to remember exactly. Did you check that you genuinely have enough memory, what is the CPU load on your system (check in task manager).
I've used the program countless times in the past on this very computer and nothing has changed. So this computer is more than capable of running it. I've downloaded the original Windows Movie Maker now and that's solved my problem.
Oh ok cool.

btw remove 6 underscores from the bottom of your sig it'll line up with the top. lol OCD

Josso wrote:
btw remove 6 underscores from the bottom of your sig it'll line up with the top. lol OCD

LOL Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing

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Better, definitely better. Pity it isn't hyphens on phpBB then the line spacing would be right.
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