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Does anyone know when this show is going to go back on air? I have done a couple of web searches and come up blank. I don't understand it. They just put out the first season DVD to great reviews and I'm sure they've picked up a lot of new viewers thanks to the Zach Braff phenomenona.

Any inside (or outside) information?
Scrubs is a good show. I remember during the summer they had reruns on Tuesday nights at 9 PM.

On, I'm not really finding any listings for Scrbus. I hope they didn't cancel it Surprised
Thanks for looking at TVguide. Normally they do a good job of letting you know what's going on. There seems to be some weird sort of internet vaccuuum (however you spell that most difficult of words) when it comes to SCRUBS.

I don't get it.

Does anyone else have any ideas about when this show is coming back to TV?
they havent cancelled the show yet! i think they are working on the next season right now (can be a bit wrong). its said that it will air sometime next year around february.

more info can probably be found in the forums on

really hope this show wont be cancelled until maybe after season 6 =). this is the greatest show right now! seen all the episodes, and cant wait until i can afford the dvdboxes =D
Thank you so much.

This is exactly the information I was looking for.

I wonder why they are taking such a hiatus after the success of Garden State and everything.

Did I tell you that I was in LA about a year ago and I ate near the Janitor from the show? While we were eating, Donald Faison (Turk) showed up with a girl -who gave me a very suggestive look when they left, I might add; my girlfriend saw it too and remarked on it. They had a little chat before the Janitor left.

What is the actor's name?

I don't know if they intended to make him an important character, but I love his contributions to the show. Did you see the one where JD discovered that the Janitor had a previous career as an actor?

Anyway. Thanks.
It's a great show. I hope they didn't cancel it, because I love to watch the show, when I have time to see it (here in Portugal). I know there are some episodes on torrents on the internet and I think they're legal, because it's from a site that says every show is legal (that's why they don't have much)
In real life, the Janitor is Neil Flynn. I've seen him in smaller roles in movies, but I think this is a fairly large break for him.

This show and the Sopranos need to win some award for the most lengthy break in between seasons.
i love scrubs. such an awesome show. can't wait for the next season.
jlbribeiro wrote:
It's a great show. I hope they didn't cancel it, because I love to watch the show, when I have time to see it (here in Portugal). I know there are some episodes on torrents on the internet and I think they're legal, because it's from a site that says every show is legal (that's why they don't have much)

no need to fear, scrubs havent been cancelled. just postponed for a while, unfortunantly. read more about it on =)

i hope they will get going on the show soon. i miss it!
I also agree with everyone in saying that Scrubs is a great show. I also find it bizarre that there is such a large break in between the seaons.

But the show itself is just killer! I think that the entire show has such solid writing all around. The interesting quips, the one-liners and sight-gags are fantastic, and the shear ridiculousness of it all it also completely astounding. But the real fascination with this show is the ending of almost every episode. The "JD LIFE REALIZATION MOMENT", as I like to call it. When JD's inner-monologue makes a realization that somehow magically applies to every situation in the show by every character. Now, this would usually seem cheesy, but between the writing and Zach Braff's delivery, I believe it makes for a brilliantly sincere moment in television.

Gotta love Scrubs! Can't wait for it to be back.
Perhaps part of the reason for the long break is the DVD release, looks like it might make a nice holiday gift.
Scrubs is an awesome tv show, except I rarely get the opportunity to see it. Good to hear that it's still going.
The latest information on the web suggests that Scrubs will be returning sometime in January 2006. I can't wait for it to be back on my TV! In even happier news, the Scrubs Season 2 DVDs were released today and have already been shipped to those that pre-ordered. WOOHOO! Great stuff. This show is up there with Newsradio for my favorite comedy series.
I love this show, i only see the season1,2 and 3 because im in france but i love it, Janitor is really cool and i like the end of the season 3 with the marriage, it's better than the friends marriage Wink
Friends sold out, poor kids living in spacious apartments in Manhattan, and yet none of them seem to have a problem affording 6 dollar coffees everyday.
i love scrubs...
the best thing is the toilet on the roof
Finally some information!

There will be two new episodes on January 3, 2005 at 9 & 930 PM on NBC.

Check out their website at:

About time. I cant wait
Yep, more Scrubs in January! W00T! And I already got the Season 1 DVD and it's awesome. Haven't watched the specials yet though. But anyway I think this show is to sitcoms as Family Guy is to animation comedies. It's a very funny show. Dr. Cox is my favorite character. There's my two cents.

finally! i cant begin to tell you how i have been longing for scrubs to start again =D! THIS IS GREAT NEWS! I LOVE YOU!
Wink Arrow Wink
It's a great show. I love it
Scrubs is definitely one of the good shows around. The characters are really.....something! Smile

I hope it never follows the - if its good then it will get cancelled theory.
I love this show. I rented the whole first season and watched it in like 3 days.
coming soon, back to back new episodes.

two excellent episodes back to back.
if my memory serves me right, it's still being shown on Star World Asia. i get to watch this sometimes, and i love it, although i'm not exactly crazy over it like i was crazy over Ally MacBeal
anyone else seen the latest episodes? they were great =D
however, the second episode was very suprising =O
This show just keeps getting funnier.
No comments on tonights shows?

Perhaps we were all watching American Idol...LOL
Is Scrubs going to stay on this back to back episodes run the whole season?

This new season is still drop dead funny, I can't believe it doesn't get more attention.
first of all: scrubs is the best tv comedy series ive ever seen.

but now my question:
normally there were scrubs episodes on tuesday night, so i could find the torrents on wednesday noon.
but this wednesday i couldn't find the torrents so i looked in an american tv guide and found out, that the next episode wouldn't be until feb. 28th. Shocked Shocked Shocked

does anyone know the reason for this?
The Olympics
Just a heads up about the Scrubs summer break, all shows do this, it is a common practice, never fear Scrubs shall return. I have all most all the scrubs copied to my film hard drive. Fun to watch. The directors choice of music is so right on.
I am an independent film maker here in Las Vegas and I love the show not only for its collection of actors and script concepts but for the way it is filmed.
Love to watch and learn.

Well, since no one has mentioned it yet I'll talk about Clone-High

This wonderful animated series was produced and directed by the producer and director of Scrubs. Two of the leading characters are voiced by two title actors in Scrubs. And 3 other cast members participated in voicing Clone High.

Other actors who graced this show include: Tom Green, Mandy Moore, John Stamos, Marilyn Manson, Michael J. Fox and Jack Black (Who rocks btw)

I just wanted to let Scrubs fans know about this excellent excellent show (which sadly only ran for one season).

Go out (in multitudes) and get it. (Then put it in your DVD player and watch it)
oooh, good question, I miss this show! The last episode I saw was when they were teaching already... I wonder..
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