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Any naruto fan here?

Who is your favorite Naruto character?

For me, Kakashi!
Naruto, of course! Rolling Eyes

Unfortunately the manga is working towards it's ending, but at least it isn't about ramen.
I think my favorite character is Kakashi too. I know for sure I hate Sakura. She's probably the most irritating characters in the series. She has her moments, but overwhelmingly she is annoying compared to other characters. I think second favorite would be Hinata. I only got into Naruto about two weeks ago. I got caught up with the most recent episode in Shippuden. That means I watched close to 500 something episodes in two weeks. I also started looking at the manga, so I'm almost caught up with that.
My favorites are Kakashi and Hinata. 2 of the most cool headed people in Naruto Manga. lol
Well.. My Favorite is Deidara.. Great Personality and Good Looking..

My Second is Kakashi Hatake...

I've always been a huge fan of the Naruto franchise. I remember watching it growing up as a kid, but slowly fell out of the routine of watching it up until recently.

My favorite character in the entire series has to be Neji. I've fond of the dōjutsu kekkei genkai that the Hyuga clan uses.
I think i have two favorites characters Itachi and Madara. They are so powerful it's crazy and i really like the vision of Madara i hope he will achieve his goal...even if i know he won't, talking about that, i can't wait to see how Naruto is going to kill Madara + Obito that sound impossible lol
I tried to get into naruto. martial arts cartoons are my kind of shows. I had a hard time with nartuo though. Maybe if I had gotten into it when I was 14 rather than 22... and watched each episode when it came out rather than recording on DVR. The intro of each episode and sneak previews at the ends of episodes were really annoying to me. If I could cut them out and have ONLY the show, it would be great, but they take up so much time that i didn't get much out of each single episode.

Overall neat story. I'll probably get them on DVD in the future so I can get all of it at once and skip the intro and outros. If they even put the outros on the DVD. I wouldn't know Razz
@taytay You are right, the tv show is bad that's why i prefer to read it. The tv show is not really for adults but trust me the naruto i read is not what you see on tv lol there is blood and even a bit of gore, in one particular fight the guy blew up the arms of his opponnent and in another one, the guy broke the two arms of his opponent by pulling em back and up..til they break! Anyway read Naruto instead of watching the cartoon it's so much better.
@Lishmares it completely slipped my mind that Naruto has books also! I'll definitely get those instead of the DVDs! Thanks for reminding me Smile
this thread here is also Naruto

Too much Naruto topic.. lol Laughing
omg naruto was so good when i was a kid, i used to watch it with my friends but now im so old and consider it really childish.
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