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Any help on html.

Hi all

This is my first post(Hope its 1 of many!!)
Im trying to learn html.
If any1 can give me any help on html i would be happy to read it.
I am hoping to create a website myself but would like to use frihost for my doc's.

Well i hope you people can help me with html and web hosting in the future.


Try using adobe go live, it makes things a lot easier.
This should really be in another forum...
Sorry ocalhoun Sad ,
im new to the forum and didn't relise. Next time i'll make sure its in the right forum.

You can also try to have dreamweaver. Frontpage. Or any other software...
Try some tutorials You can have it here :

--- powa ! Wink
umm i think got started using notepad and webmonkey
and i still use notepad
because i am aweosme.
my first full html site was hosted by angelfire.. yeah don't use angelfire Wink [/url]
i think you should use dreamweaver beacuse its better if you want to put flash content. But learning html its quite simple, because u only need to do in the editor preview what you want, and its all guided by the software.However, professionals do it in notepad becuase they include scripts and javascript. remember that when you want to link a html file to another html if you put a direct link they must be in the same directory. The file you want to be shown in the index must be named index.html Smile
Thanks for the help people.

Iv got Dreamwever and have been playing around with that. Its easya than typing everything in notepad! I want to learn the notepad way tho, but will use DW to guide me if i go wrong!!!

These are two reference sites that have been helping me:

Hope these help you as much as they've helped me!
First: Type out the entire word. It won't kill you, and makes you look cool. After all, no one wants to be a me4tb3gz0r.

Second: Look at a few HTML cheatsheets to get the basics. I like the webmonkey one. Once you know what a paragraph tag and the like are, then the best thing to do is to look at other's work.

Scout around for simple looking webpages. These won't have a bajillion ads, sidebars, and flashy things. They will have text and a background. Go to the top of your browser and go View: Source. This will open up the text file with the raw HTML code. Look at the code and try to figure out what it's doing to the webpage.

Then, the absolute most important thing is to try out writing a webpage yourself. It can be really simple, but just try to see what kinds of crazy things you can do. Experiment. If it doesn't look the way you think it should, try, try again.

Eventually you'll move up in the world. The land of php and asp and flash are not so far away.

The most important rule? Always stick to writing HTML in Notepad. Anything else, like FrontPage, is for wimps. And while it might look sorta nicer at first, it just isn't right.
Thanks mate thats good advice for me.
There are a lot of manualls of html in internet. html is very easy to learn
You can get Dreamweaver which is really easy to make website on it.
Search on any search engine for "HTML Tutorial".
You'll find lots of sites...
I just searched for it, so take a look on

If it doesn't satisfy you, search for others Smile
You know, it is also possible to copy another web site style to let your web site have a professional look ;D

I also want to say that i don't like FrontPage, becase of the following:

o It use much of so called "FrontPage components" who is only supported by servers with FrontPage addons. I don't think that is any cool and often this is actually not really valid HTML....

o If you want to make your web-site by programming it in HTML yourself (which I prefer) and you use HTML that FrontPage THINK is not valid, but can actually be working, FrontPage just remove the HTML, and if you want it to leave it alone, you must place the HTML in some sort of weird comments....

The HTML program I recommend, is 1stPage 2000.

It's completely free and you can download it at

One thing I have to say about this program, is that your virus program might think it comes with a trojan virus.

This is actually not a virus but a JavaScript called "six buttons from hell" used to "kill your browser"...

Now maybe you think this sounds like a virus, but the script is not there to be used, but for those who wants to learn some JavaScript programming.

You can read more about this on Evrsofts forum...

CSE HTML Validator is very useful it will validate your html and insert tags
try to read books and learn dreamweaver this will help you a lot... Very Happy
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