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How beautifull it is! Plenty of sun and beaches, warm water, paradisiac landscape... It's a fantastic touristic stop.
What do you think about Algarve, Portugal?
In addition to the diverse landscapes of the Algarve people are on site perhaps the main reason for our enthusiasm.

Of course there are exceptions to the rule, but we have learned the Portuguese know as: friendly, open, grounded in the best sense, and rather reserved. Particularly notice this where tourists and Portugal meet in everyday life. So far away from the typical tourist hotels and restaurants.

When we go to eat at the Lagos port garages, we are not considered as exotic, but the Portuguese back together just as they would with a friend and they do so with a smile. Also at the festival dos Descobrimentos, organized the Lagos end of October, you will feel in the middle of most Portuguese visitors very well.

If one takes the trouble and at least speak a few words of their language, you can quickly gather anyway some pluses. The further you move away from the larger centers - the hinterland or in the vastness of the Alentejo - the harder it is to communicate in English.

I was at a gas station, for example, is not possible, the very nice owner to make it clear that I would like to pay by credit card and signature. I was able to make it clear in any language that I do not know the PIN of my card and therefore would like to "com signatura" pay. Thank God the money was just enough ...

Paciência. Patience. The Portuguese are a peaceful people. This also applies to the processes that everyday. At the checkout rather a kind word is too strong a word as too little. And when the cashier still has 30 seconds with a friend, not Portuguese in the queue is getting impatient. People then have to scrape their hooves and even angry look from the laundry can be easily identified as tourists.

... One lives slower ...

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haha you dont know portugal probably you had the wrong help
guess what at least 30% of portuguese people speaks english
you can argue that is not a good english, right but is more then enough to comunicate
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