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Arsenal set to sell Van Persie!

The Dutchman Robin van Persie, the highest goal scorer in the Premier League last season, is confirmed to be leaving Arsenal for Manchester United this summer. Arsene Wenger says that his selling was inevitable, as he had just a year of contract left, and RVP didn't want to extend it. So, what do you all think about this twist in the tale of the Premier League? Will van Persie bring the same magic to Old Trafford under Sir Fergusson? Let's hope this turns out to be a boon to the Premier League. Razz
This signing will change the dynamics of the game to a large extent, and Manchester City fans now have a reason to worry, as the strike pair of Wayne Rooney and Robin van Persie can be devastating for any team in the opposition. I think this season's title might shift to the other side of Manchester, and I also point out that Chelsea will be a strong team too, as Fernando Torres has found his form, and the new players in, namely Eden Hazard, Marco Marin, are capable of big turnarounds. Let's see how this season turns out! Idea
Wow, this is a huge loss to Arsenal. RVP was the best he's ever been last season! I'm excited to see how Ferguson manages him, and of course, how he pairs up with Wayne Rooney! Smile
Nevertheless, Arsenal has some new firepower of its own (Podolski!!)
I don't doubt Podolski. He's a great player and has performed at the biggest stage for his national side. RVP got a bitter opening. A loss to Everton! Quite surprising!
Hope he joined Manchester United to win trophies because for eight good years he has been in a trophy drought lol.But it early days to talk about such a great player ; and there is still more room for improvement Laughing
Yeah his game against Everton was no good. Perhaps he's finding it difficult adjusting to his rivals' style of playing lol
In any case Arsenal didn't have such a great start either. Liverpool were awful as well. Fulham did well though; are they on top?
Well It is a shame he left. However some of the signings Arsenal has done in return are a great turn around. Shame Song left though.
Arsene Wenger must be lamenting the loss of his star striker. Robin van Persie has been to Arsenal what Didier Drogba has been to Chelsea - a sure shot way to get goals in thick and thin. And he performed well when the team needed him. One can see that his absence is being felt by the Gunners, as they have failed to net a single goal in their first two games of the Premier League.

Talking about the other side, Manchester United have a lot to gain. They need van Persie now, as their star striker Wayne Rooney has been left out injured after a brutal time in their previous game. Robin van Persie now has a great chance to settle himself in his new team and start getting goals on a regular basis for the Red Devils too. Sad
Yeah, Wayne Rooney's injury is a big loss. Now signing RVP is really coming in handy.
But I must say Man Utd did well to beat Fulham and Van Persie scored a cracker Smile
There's a lot more to come from van Persie under Man Utd's shirt. He can, and I think he will, do wonders. Smile

Arsenal, well, seem to be unable to score without him. Let's see what they manage today against Liverpool.
RVP used to be Arsenal - now he is Man U Smile
going great!
Ya, RVP also rocks! I like the way he's playing for United. Smile He's doing well enough. Go, van Persie, GO! Razz
RVP's latest hattrick proves the point for him. He's committed to Manchester United now! Very Happy
Chelsea played well today. And so did Arsenal. Bothe the teams played quality football, which entertained the viewers, and in the end, the best team won. Smile
Well it was not a good weekend for Arsenal fans. Neither for Man Utd fans. Both teams lost at home, to Chelsea and Tottenham. As for RVP, he missed a sitter against Spurs which could have equalized for United. A bad day overall
What the hell was this? The Chelsea vs Manchester United game last week was just unbelievable! a brilliant first half with great enthusiasm and superb goals, followed by such partial refereeing! How can one let that happen? He sent off Ivanovic and Torres (the latter without much of a reason to be booked). Who gives a red card for a supposed-to-be false appeal? (which turned out that it wasn't) Also, who lets a goal being legal when it was clearly offside? (javier Hernandez's goal was clearly offside, as replays confirmed)

Referees can commit mistakes, and that is unavoidable. They are humans after all. But so many mistakes in a single game don't make sense.
Indeed Chelsea Man Utd was one of the best games I've seen recently (along with some of the most questionable refereeing perhaps). But even better was the Arsenal Reading game yesterday ... 7-5 what a thriller. Arsenal's strikers did very well yesterday, not missing RVP at all! Smile
Yes, that's true. But they certainly missed him against Manchester United on Sunday. RVP put the Reds into the lead very early on, and Arsenal could not come back from that. Rooney played a brilliant game, hovering around from midfield to attack, and pierced the Arsenal defence with some really great balls to Van Persie. Arsenal showed some vigour in the second half, but were all but alive in the game after Evra scored. Finally, they pulled one back.
Today's game between Chelsea and Liverpool was nice. As usual, the Blues failed to hold on to the lead that they had taken, and succumbed to a draw, just the way they did against Stoke. It's become their habit now - they've been relinquishing leads since 2 years. I don't know what has come upon them.. Liverpool played well towards the end, and the commentator said it rightly -

"Whether you love him, or loathe him, you cannot ignore him." (for Luis Suarez). Surprised
Born and raised in Swansea I was happy with the draw today, Chelsea win would have been better but Liverpool are still below us so I'll settle with that Wink
Steven Gerrard's 100th cap for England. Smile
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