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any good movie editing programs

are there any good FREE and easy to use movie makers/editors
that are small in file size.

Windows Movie Maker sucks and i want to use a different one.
I would choose windows movie maker or something like that if you want video edting.
Nope Windows Movie Maker is useless for anything past a short video trust me. Once you get a lot of cuts and intricate little bits you can actually get to a point with a project file where it won't run for more than 30 seconds without crashing. Same with long videos as well. Most badly designed and unstable program I've ever used.

I'm not sure of what free video editors are any good I'm sure there's something out there. Maybe check sourceforge? There are some relatively cheap ones like vegas that are OK.
You could try VirtualDub. It's free and open-source. I used it for a simple project I needed to do. It's not very fancy, but it may be good enough for your needs.
I use Avidemux for simple video trimming and editing, I think the user interface is slightly neater than Virtualdub. DebugMode Wax(formerly just 'Wax') is a more complex video editor which is still free.

Windows Movie Maker was terrible last time I used it, and although it has been greatly updated since then with Windows Live Movie Maker on more recent OS's (Vista/7) I still would never use it. The biggest problem I find with video editing on windows operating systems is avoiding codec conflicts.
So many cheap/free editors will crash out or freeze up when doing certain procedures relating to editing, and when that happens it is frustrating to say the least.
I've found that oddly enough, Blender 3D is the best free video editor. Then again, when I was looking, I was looking for a replacement for After Effects.
Ya know, iMovie for the Mac is a pretty good software that comes with a mac. You can also get it on iPod, iPhone, and iPad.
AVS is the easiest video editing program.
Its very light, less than 200mb and also does 1080p video with ease.
converts to almost all formats apart from mkv,
and is super fast.
I suggest that you try it.
The best FREE editing software is:

Da vinci Resolve 12 (Lite) its free and does everything!

go to blackmagicdesign website, /products/ davinci/
alfredolx wrote:
The best FREE editing software is:

Da vinci Resolve 12 (Lite) its free and does everything!

go to blackmagicdesign website, /products/ davinci/

Just downloaded this program yesterday myself, have to say I am finding very easy to use and enjoyable, seems to do some really great quality with very little effort. highly recommend it.
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