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Lost all My Google Contacts

I bought a new Android phone.

When I first got it going it got all my contacts from my GMail account. But I didn't want them so I deleted them all. Now the scary bit. When I went to my Gmail account on my home computer all my contacts are gone.. Oh my God what have I done.. And how can I undo it...
Ghost Rider103
Not really sure how you managed to do that....

You deleted your gmail contacts from the cell phone and then they were also gone when you logged in from your computer? That's what I'm assuming you did, but I didn't really understand your first post.

Anyways, if this happened fairly recently, you can probably contact Google and see if they can restore your deleted contacts. Most companies usually have the capability to do so. I know hotmail you can recover deleted emails and such from a few months back. I'm going to assume in some situations, you can do the same for contacts.
Looks as though Google has a feature whereby you can restore your contacts to what they had been at a historic date within the last 30 days:

Here's a really good YouTube show to show exactly how to do it:
Not really sure how you managed to do that....

Neither am I but I did it......

thx all

deanhills the youtube vid was the answer.. I feel a bit bad I never found the answer myself..

I think that all of your GMail contacts are synced with all of your GMail accounts, therefore why it was deleted on your other computer.
I deleted them on the phone.. I was also playing around with the sync app that come with the phone that I installed on my Computer,

I got them all back though.. I sort of dont want my Phone and Computer (cloud ) to be the same.. as far as contacts go.

I do not believe the contacts are exclusive to whatever you log-in from. They are on Google's server so you have access from anywhere.
I was log into my computer from my new phone using USB cable running LG PC Suite. I then may of done a Phone to PC sync. Scary.. But I did recover... These sort of things do have a good side as I am going over all my Contacts to keep only the live and Relevant ones.

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