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Upcoming Games to Movie Adaptations

The article has been posted on . Covers about 10 movies which are being adapted from a Game.
im really looking forward to Halo and Silent Hill.
There have been quite a few games to movie adaptions. The only one that I can think that was decent was the Tomb Raider series. The recent release Doom, was pretty much panned by the critics. Super Mario Bros was a terrible movie along with the fighting genres Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter.

One video game to movie that might actually be good would be Half-Life. The plotline is pretty good and the game pretty much played out like a movie.
Mortal Kombat 1 was quite decent while Mortal kombat 2 royally sucked.IMDB says Mortal Kombat 3 is in pipeline.
While I admit that Mario Bros was an awful movie, I do actually enjoy that it made the most out of a difficult subject. Let's face it, there is no way to do the Mushroom Kingdom filmic justice. It was designed to be a game; it will always be a game.
There is simply no way to translate Goombas, Fire Flowers, and Yoshis onto film, and they did a remarkable job of creating a world in which those things existed even if only in name.
That said, I still haven't seen a good Game-Movie transition. Even Halflife seems difficult and it may be the easiest that anyone has proposed. I personally am surprised that no one has tried to make a movie based on movie inspired games like Castlevania or Prince of Persia.
The easiest Game to be converted into a movie would be Max Payne. It was made more like a many cut scenes .
People liked Doom apparently. Still gotta see it myself
dhawal wrote:
The easiest Game to be converted into a movie would be Max Payne. It was made more like a many cut scenes .

yeah the game itself looks like a nice movie... Smile
wouldnt metal gear solid be perfect? i mean, the "games" already are movies.

anyway, i have yet to see a good movie made from a game. but i doubt there will ever be one.
dhawal wrote:
The easiest Game to be converted into a movie would be Max Payne. It was made more like a many cut scenes .

Someone hasn't played Xenosaga...
Well... my favourite here is definitely SILENT HILL… It’s good to know that the filmmakers will stick to the video game concept, it’s not mainstream movie (Japanese-French production) and the guy ho is actually working as sound director on the games (Akira Yamaoka) will make music for the movie.

SH the movie is on post-production now and release date will be at the end of May 2006.

Some post-production photos could be viewed here
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