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New type of Monkey

This article I translate myself from another language :
Hope this won't violate anyrule
Source :

We have little information about this monkey, the official name is Presbytis hosei canicrus, except that it was the International Union for Conservation of Nature put on the list of endangered animals, due to environmental habitat because of agricultural development, mining, and forest fires due to excessive hunting.

This monkey is believed to live only in forests, in northeastern Borneo, adjacent to Indonesia's Java island.

Presbytis monkey hosei canicrus

But a recent survey of scientists, who set up a camcorder in many remote areas in a rain forest is still relatively primitive in western Borneo - Wehea Forest in East Kalimantan forests - has the photos are believed to belong to this monkey.

"The discovery of hosei canicrus Presbytis monkey as a big surprise because forests beyond Wehea known activities of this monkey" - Brent Loken researchers at Simon Fraser University in Canada. "The concern that this species was extinct in 2004 and prompted a search for them in 2008 for supporting the assessment that the situation has become so dire."

But now scientists have not known them to photograph any monkey, by the sole source used to compare the photos back from the museum. "It is difficult to confirm the results of our search because there are so few pictures of monkeys to study" - Loken said.

"The only description of Miller's Grizzled Langur species taken from the prototype in the museum. The photos in our Wehea seems to be one of the few pictures we have of this monkey."

The next step, scientists are hoping to find out how many monkeys live in forests, 38,000 hectares wide. Loken also expressed hope that this brings the opportunity to save one of the primates are at risk of extinction
If you like, I can give you some tips for how you might have worded things better. But, as a biologist, I MUST point out that the species is Presbytis hosei canicrus (yes, the italics are important), and the order of these words cannot be altered from the "Genus species subspecies" form given there without completely changing what you're talking about.
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