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Anyone build electric guitars?

I just got into building electrics and was wondering if anyone had any advice on the subject. Or share stories of some beauties you've made over the years. My favorite thing to do is sand off an entire finish to expose the grain of the wood, then stain and finish in a satin gloss. I try so darn hard to get a full gloss but can never do it...
never tried but it would be nice to try it .
I have a lot of interest in guitar building, but I haven't got the tools to do it... one day, however. I've read a book or two on the subject, and it seems like something I can do with some effort Wink I have a few design ideas that I want to build... all in good time, I suppose!
I'm just starting out right now and what I'm doing is getting precut bodies in Strat or Tele shapes, and borrowing my dad's router for adding differnt pickup options. I've learned a lot about finishing and it's my favorite part watching it build up and take shape. It might be a good way to start out, I'm selling my work and hope to save up to get a jigsaw so I can cut my own bodies and get serious.
i started building a guitar 4 years ago, which is about the age of my little daughter, so the project is on ice now... so maybe one day i'll finish the piece. it was about a little electric guitar, transportable, lightweight, simple, old school and post war era style, so it's also a little campy.

maybe you'd be interested in the guitarz-blog, there is also a huge category of handmade guitars
of course there you can find lots of weird productions, but that's quite entertaining, at least for my part...
also you can find there a manifold of extraordinary guitars in the one-off category, some of them are really well done wood-work-jobs, also about the surface of wood...
keep us informed about your project!
I've never tried making one, but it sounds awesome. I wish I had to time, skills, and equipment to do something like that. It seems like it would be an awesome project. How much engineering/construction skills do you think is necessary?
Insanity wrote:
I've never tried making one, but it sounds awesome. I wish I had to time, skills, and equipment to do something like that. It seems like it would be an awesome project. How much engineering/construction skills do you think is necessary?

Basic wood working and a lot of care. The neck is probably the hardest thing to make, getting the profile and taper just right, and making sure the heel and neck pocket fit snugly at the right angle.
making a good neck by oneself, without just copying the given ones, could be a woodworkers masterpiece, i think. but if you just start building guitars, you could easily buy a neck and then construct the rest around it...
well, there is the quite broad range of on one hand assembling some given pieces (you can buy all the parts you need),
up to on the other hand making everything by oneself... like winding your own pickups for example.

It is technologically possible for most people to build a guitar oneself, at least in the 'first world'. Allthough it might not turn out to be the best quality guitar, it will be an original piece at least, and you will get to know in a more familiar way the instrument you play.
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here's an example of a nice homemade guitar i somehow like more than many others, also the story it is sold with:
"Being from an area of little means (a poor coal mining region) he decided to manufacture his own, there was a walnut tree that was struck by lighting a couple years earlier and died..."
true or not, way too pathetic or not, when the story comes to the Les Paul pickups Very Happy, that's not the point anymore:
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