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Need Help, Please

Okay, I've never had this happen to any computer when trying to do this, and this works 100% perfectly on VM Ware Player, but when actually trying to install to my computer, this happens.

I'm trying to dual-boot Mac OS X 10.6.2 on my Acer Aspire 5250 Laptop, which again, works fine in VM Ware, but slow in it because my computer hates VM Ware. I want to dual boot for the speed.

When I try to boot it, it loads the Darwin/x86 loader, shows some text, and then I get a very glitchy static screen pop up and it freezes. When I try to boot it with the -v command, it half of the time goes to the glitchy screen and the other half, freezes on the text.

Until someone has an idea on how to fix this, I'm going to use VM Ware, but I hope someone knows how to fix this glitch and can help.

Computer Specs: (in DXDIAG file)
It is not the same at all to run an Operating system inside a virtual machine that running that same operating system native on the computer.

And Mac OSX doesn't run native on PCs so you can't dual boot OSX in a PC. Mac OSX is to be used only in Mac Computers. Besides it is illegal to run it in a PC. Its license doesn't allow to do it.

It is true there are PCs specially build to be compatible with OSX (the hardware has to be chosen carefully to get that compatibility). On those very specific PCs OSX will run. But I repeat that OSX license doesn't allow this.

From the video it is pretty obvious the hardware on your laptop is not compatible with OSX and I would highly recommend to stop trying to do it or you can finish damaging your graphic card or the whole laptop.

I repeat the VMware environment (or any other virtual machine software) is totally different as they emulate hardware, in case of OSX they are going to be emulating Mac hardware, to run the operating system.
I'd have to do it with VirtualBox because VM Ware just completely hates my computer, but I have two of this PC, exact same model, and the other one can dual-boot Mac OS X but this one cannot, which makes no sense at all.
If you have two of the exact same computer model, you might want to check to see if they have the exact same hardware and hardware configurations. If necessary you could always physically reconfigure one to be like the one that will boot the OS. However, if you have slightly different hardware then you might be able to search and find out why the OS does not like to work on that one. Also, if it is the exact same hardware and hardware configurations check the bios and make sure they are set up identically. If everything is identical in EVERY way then you probably have a problem on that computer that needs to be diagnosed and fixed before it gets worse. Good luck and hope this helped.

Besides, unless the computers are from apple in some countries it is illegal to put OSX on it. Though, since I do not know what country you are in I do not know what legal or lawful statuses apply to what you can and can not do. However, I can not and will not willfully condone breaking the law or contract (wherever you are.)
They must have something different, otherwise would make no sense one of them being able to run OSX directly but the other one not able to do the same.

Even being same laptop model when you buy it most of the times it is possible to change some components, more RAM, different graphic card model, ...

Otherwise if they have exactly the same components I would be careful with the one that works with OSX as maybe someday it does exactly the same the other one is doing now.

Or maybe the graphic card in the computer that fails has some kind of damage that you can't notice in windows.

There could be a lot of reason even being same hardware models, for example some component overclocked more in the one failing, ..., who knows.

What is sure is what you see when trying to boot OSX is a clear symptom to say that specific computer hardware is not compatible with OSX.
Thank you for all of your suggestions. I'll will see if I can figure out what is wrong with it but I think it is incompatible with the vireo card.
Regarding VMWare, do you have Virtualization enabled in the BIOS? For Intel it's called VT-x and AMD calls theirs AMD-V. These are often disabled by default.

Might be a simple fix and it's something that's easily overlooked.
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