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I think it's a big leap forward for us, if we get able to know if there is already had some life on the planet Mars. It would help us to better understand how we've been created.

Also it's a big technological leap : ''The voyage to Mars took more than eight months and spanned 352 million miles''
It would be nice to learn, if it could be made hospitable. Also it would be nice to find signs that partially fill us in on what happened on the planet in the past. Be that: inhabitated by strange intelligent beings, a desert wasteland with no good purpose, a planet with creatures living deep within its center. Who knows what we could discover? Who knows what is really there. We have only begun to learn anything about the planet known as Mars and there is so much more to learn, perhaps it will even clue us in on our own planet's history. Perhaps Mars and Earth have more in common than we think. Perhaps there is nothing in common.
i dream viisit mars one day !! Laughing
I would be a great day for the human beings man !!
can't wait for it
It will certainly help interplanetary geology, astrobiology, etc. if some signs of primitive life are found on Mars. In fact, the rover's name Curiosity is apt for the current sentiments felt by both the general public and the scientific community. Hope we make some advancements in knowledge Smile
talking about mars, just makes me think of chocolate.

That being said, I do hope that this new phase brings us progress in science.
Mars is the next frontier.
According to this speech by US President Barack Obama about the future of NASA the plan is to send people into Mars' orbit ( not a landing ! ) in 2035. A long way to go until then !
It would be a tremendous leap in mankind if one could any traces of life on the Mars. I hope they do - it would help in better understanding the past, present and future of our planet and its living inhabitants.
It'll undoubtedly help interplanetary geology, astrobiology. In the event a number of primitive of old fashioned existence are found upon Mars.
steve-jobs wrote:
i dream viisit mars one day !! Laughing

You should consider signing up for Smile. They plan to send humans to Mars very soon (a one way trip though Smile )
Sending human to mars would be a great idea
Lookin' cool!
It'll really made people sit up and pay attention if we do send a human to Mars. I'm not sure about the economics of it, but it'd be really quite stunning if there was this renewed interest in space, with countries competing again.

Of course, sending people on single trips is one thing. I think probably the most substantial first step towards space exploration at the moment would be for us to establish a lunar station.
The Mars Pathfinder mission was widely proclaimed as "flawless" in the early days after its July 4th, 1997 landing on the Martian surface. Successes included its unconventional "landing" -- bouncing onto the Martian surface surrounded by airbags, deploying the Sojourner rover, and gathering and transmitting voluminous data back to Earth, including the panoramic pictures that were such a hit on the Web. But a few days into the mission, not long after Pathfinder started gathering meteorological data, the spacecraft began experiencing total system resets, each resulting in losses of data. The press reported these failures in terms such as "software glitches" and "the computer was trying to do too many things at once".
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