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Anyone interested in doing an on-line course?

I've decided to try one of the new Stanford Online courses that I've been hearing about.
Is anyone else interested? The course I've chosen is 'mathematical thinking' and it is aimed at anyone with basic high-school maths. It starts in September (17th) and lasts for 7 weeks. Details of the course below (follow the link).
If anyone DOES fancy having a bash then let me know and we can do the course together - it is always easier to study in company.

PS - this course is NOT aimed at mathematicians so don't feel that your maths is not good enough. Providing you have basic high school maths you should be fine.
Still plenty of time for people to join me on this - come on folks, this is a chance to learn something, get personal tuition from a recognized expert, and it won't cost you a penny. Anyone who is thinking of doing a maths course, or, like me, just wants to improve their ability to think mathematically, should give it a try. There is, as far as I can tell, plenty to gain and no downside.
I enrolled because there is an option to un-enroll and I wasn't sure if there were limited seats. I was a little nervous about signing up because it goes into October - a month where my calendar is extremely full (for one week I will be out of town and I don't know how often I'll be able to get on a computer). Although it only suggests 8-10 hours per week of study and I am sure there will be at least one night that week that I'm gone where I can get on the computer and cram for the week (usually I like to divide up my studying but it probably won't work out that week).... Other than that one week I should be able to dedicate more than a sufficient amount of time....

Hopefully after October things will settle down and I will have more time. I am looking forward to possibly taking the astronomy class in November and chemistry (I really should take a refresher in it... I remember very little of my chemistry) in January.
I enrolled too. hope to see you there Smile
Excellent - that makes 3 of us. Have you both checked out the youtube intro to the course?
The course starts on Monday. According to an email I got, there will be a discussion forum for the class set up. Will that be sufficient or does someone want to set up an additional forum?
Well, with only 3 of us it probably isn't worth a new forum. We can always 'chat' via this forum (it would certainly be 'on-topic' IMHO and since MHO is the one that counts, then that's OK then Smile
hoorah for dictatorship! Smile
guys, i just want to share also my site which do offer "FREE QUIZ" test your self and you will see the result after you take the quiz challenge..

lets see how good are you. You can also select the subject you want to take a quiz here is the link
I've watched the first three videos but am really having trouble watching it. In the "Meet the Team" video - which is 7:10 - I maybe saw 30 seconds of actual video... It lags that bad on my old machine. I have two PCs and my other PC was even worse. I hope that hearing the audio (which doesn't lag at all) is sufficient. If not, I'll just visit my mother a few times a week. She lives right down the road and she has a MacBook Pro - which is supposed to be an excellent machine and probably won't lag.

On a side note, I think that this course will be very easy for me. They keep talking about this course being a transition course from high school to college mathematics. Been there. Done that. I have a Bachelor's degree in mathematics and so I have seen quite a lot of college mathematics and I have taken graduate level mathematics as well. Be that as it may, I will still take the course seriously because I have seen that over-confidence and arrogance can be the downfall to anyone in any course.
I'll see if I can clean up that vid for you later.
OK - I've converted it (it was wemb) and stuck it up to Youtube as an FLV.
Should now be visible below
Thanks. However, I'll just see about using my mother's computer. It really isn't inconvenient - only five minutes out of my way - and all three videos are doing the same thing and I couldn't ask you to mirror every single video (that would be a huge hassle). Besides, I think that he said that there will be quizzes during the lecture videos and so I think it must be done on their website. Although I did re-watch this video. It is nice to actually see video with audio.
It's now the third week and i've enrolled some more classes. It turns out that Coursera is a great site for learning things. If the video lags you may also download the videos and watch them.
Currently I am finishing the Coursera course on Introduction to Statistics.

It is very interesting and useful, especially the practical assignments (using the R language).

I advice everyone with an interest in the subject to check it out.
Oh, hey!

...More people that use Coursera... Very Happy

I'm in the middle of Learning to Program: The Fundamentals, then I plan on trying An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python and Drugs and the Brain which start Oct. 15 and sometime in Nov. respectively.

If anyone is planning on doing any others in the future, let us know. I might jump on board this time if I hear about it soon enough.
Currently courses are online with great market space, compared to a few years atraás in its beginning. Some concepts and prejudices created teachings about the distance has been overthrown and proven conversely, somewhat beneficial to society. A population that goes with each generation becoming agile, more time passes between life offices, streets, subways, lunches out, obviously grateful and tend to have options studies at times alteranativos and consistent with these routines, since, go to school or college classroom, daily becomes less attractive and more exhausting than a distance course.
I like those Standford courses. Took several of those, very useful and informative. I don't have time to drive to any class so online education is for me.
There are other courses which seem just as fascinating as this. I know mainly about courses in information science, but I know there's also lots of math and physics related goodies out there.

The one thing that's keeping me from signing up for one of those is time. I got a pretty big course load in school, I'm getting certified in something cool and I'm working on a side project using Python. I'm simply worried about spreading myself too thin, because even now the things I'm working on are taking a hit due to having to juggle all of them at the same time.

However, when I push through this semester, I'm sure as hell taking some classes on databases as well on statistics.
I am learning JavaScript from codeacademy and have also completed the search engine course from Udacity. I am quite interested in the Stanford courses. Perhaps when I have more time...
Taking classes online is a popular way for working professional’s .Let’s have a chance to earn a degree. People taking online classes generally are looking for career development or just want to finish a degree program they started. Hundreds of institutes and schools have made it easier than ever before.
I would also try for them. Thank you for sharing such information.
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