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what is a good programming language for beginers?

Hav any ideas?
Some form of BASIC.

FreeBASIC is quite good in terms of being up to date, and useable for many types of things but at the same time having an easy syntax to learn.

EDIT: I would like to note however if you are prepared to put a bit more effort in to learn something a bit more complex you are probably better off in the long run in terms of usefulness to learn something like Perl or Python - the syntax is probably twice as complicated as basic but it's well worth it. In hindsight that's definitely what I should have started with. I am now in a tricky situation where I know a BIT of everything and I wish I knew one language to the extent in which I could create very useful bits of code and perhaps even develop things for money. With basic there are quite limited uses for it in the "real world" although it is good fun to mess around with if you want to make something quickly and easily.
I would have to disagree with BASIC. While it is easy to learn, it has almost no practical use outside of developing applications for TI calculators.

If you are not familiar with programming at all, you could check out . Try the Javascript course. Javascript is not the best language, but that course will teach you about program flow (loops and control structures) as well as variables and arrays. And Javascript is widely used in development. Although I wouldn't get too deep into Javascript: it has a lot of quirks and "cheats" that might hinder your learning of another language if you get too used to it.

The next step (or the first if you feel like skipping Javascript) would be Python, I think. Codecademy has a Python course as well, although I haven't checked it out and can't say if it's good or not. Python is a more "real" language, and is also used in a variety of applications in the real world.

Then Java, because it's probably the easiest of the "real" programming languages. Get good at Java, and you can make a nice income as a developer.

Finally I would recommend C. Even if you never plan to write anything in it, it's a really good language to learn. C will teach you a lot about how computers and programs work.
I think C is good language, that's the first one I learned.
Depends on which path do you need to take. Do you want to be a programmer or web developer. If you like to become web developer than PHP is nice language to start. It's easy to learn and because its free there are soo much free tutorials and learning materiel out there.

Java would be another good language to learn if you are more into application development. Also Java is based on C language just like PHP. Free too so plenty of learning meterial out there and not hard to learn. Also there is a big demand for Java since this can be used to built mobile applications as well as for backend web programming.

And there is .Net language group like , and C# etc. my only beef with this is you need to buy everything ( good old Microsoft ). There is a big demand for .net application developers too.

So pick your choice. Maybe you can do little bit of basics of each of these language and find out which you feel home with. Personally I like PHP and Java. My first language was GW BASIC (old language) Then I moved to Visual BASIC and then to C++ , Java and Finally I have stopped at PHP. I have been more comfortable with C based languages like Java and PHP. Never Gotten along with ASP and Visual Basic.
for beginners i will go with VB6 which is easy to start.
for me the best is C it's a simple language it helped me a lot while i was a begginer . good luck
If you're trying to get enthusiastic about the idea of programming, Python. You will be able to do powerful things quickly.
Visual Basic
easy to understand
"VISUAL"&"BASIC" Very Happy
Javascript is a good programming language for beginners because it is not very hard to use as well. Try going to
C is good , but i suggest javascript Laughing
It really depends what your goal is. What kinds of things do you want to make?

I wouldn't recommend the same language to a person that wants to develop web apps as I would to someone that wants to write desktop software for Windows or apps for iPhone or Android.

If you want to write web apps, I'd suggest you make sure you have a good understanding of HTML and CSS first, then go for Javascript for client side scripting, and python for server side scripting.

For javascript, I'd go with the Code Academy that was suggested before.

I have some free ebooks listed on one of my sites that can help you with learning Python, including one written for children. If English is not your native language, I'd recommend starting with that one, because it is much simpler to understand.

If you want to write desktop apps, I would suggest learning Object Pascal. The Pascal language was created for teaching people programming, and it has grown up a lot since then, and today's Object Pascal is quite powerful. It is also easier to make the transition to learning C# if you have a firm grasp on Object Pascal, first. Many years ago, the creator of the C# language transformed Object Pascal into what it is today when he created the Turbo Pascal compiler. It eventually evolved into the Delphi language. For learning material, there is a lot of stuff available that was written to teach Delphi.

As to what IDE I'd use, I can no longer recommend the Delphi IDE to someone that is just learning, since they don't offer a free version any more. But there is FreePascal/Lazarus. And another really good reason to use that is that it would allow you to create apps on Linux/Mac/Windows, and not just Windows. And I believe you can also write apps for iPhone and Android with it now, too. While there is some minor differences between the Delphi language and the Object Pascal used in Freepascal/Lazarus, any good Delphi tutorial can still be used to learn from. A good place to start is the Delphi Programming section at Sign up for one of their free courses and they will email the lessons to you. I also recommend that site as the first place to look for info on how to do something in Delphi/Object Pascal, if you ever get stuck, even for experienced programmers, before searching Google for the answer.

If you want to go the Microsoft way, then get a copy of the free Visual Studio Express and learn But from what I understand, it is more difficult to make a transition to C# from that language than from Object Pascal/Delphi. I also have a free kids book for listed on my site.

If you want something quick and easy to learn that will allow you to make a ton of small quick apps that can run on Windows, that has a good helpful community of users behind it, and lots of free code to learn from, you could try AHK. It's not just for writing automation scripts and macros. I have seen some really impressive stuff written in the language, including a killer audio player packed with a lot of features (but still has a minimalistic look and feel), called Trout.

And as my final advice for a beginner, there is this page I wrote just for people like you that has one of the most important first lessons you can ever have in programming. Even before you learn to write your first line of code, even before you choose what language you want to learn, or know what kind of programming you want to do. It can make the difference between success and giving up. It's just a little advice to help keep you motivated and unleash your creative side.
i think vb is the easiest to learn programming language for newbie
after getting the point you can try other languages
for a beginer i my opinion first even yet thinking about languages or coding softwares etc
you will have to have a goal such website a database a software antything . google docs stuff again anything,

After been identified the goal you should ask the biggest teacher of the world "YouTube"
About how to reach your goal in other words how to do it.
and you start from there all human readable languages have a cognitive logic that is a human characteristic
so it will be easier for you to start to detect a kind of organization on the scripts your about to edit
And sooner than what you expected, you will start to tweak them and mood the scripts.
i guess the the hardest thing it’s to start because you will feel surrounded by walls but guess what you can climb them so said so good luck and please don’t just quit at the first problem
Because after you solve that one, others will show up
I think it's not even necessarily which language you start with, but it's about perspective, and understanding how it fits in to all the other languages. As in, knowing what whichever one you've picked, not all of them are like this.

#include <stdio.h>
  printf("I would prefer C to start with because it is simple.\n");
  printf("And using it you can also make tools for later use.\n");
  printf("In BASIC cannot do that, every program is spaghetti.\n");

python and java are pretty easy to pick up quickly. C++ would probably be the most useful to learn, and php is good for web applications.
Programming is much more than just syntax. The more programming you know the easier it will be to learn new languages. What I want to say with this is that the first language is probably not that important.

What motivates you is much more important. You need to find a language that you like. Don't be afraid of testing different languages because as I said what you learn in one language will not be wasted when you learn other languages.

If you are serious in learning programming I recommend that you read books about it and if you have the chance take courses related to programming. There are a lot of things on the internet but unfortunately much of it is not that good. As a beginner it can be really hard to know what is good and what is not so I think it is extra important that you learn from a good book as a beginner.
I would suggest to learn Java because most languages are based on it. C# and PHP are examples and Java is still in demand. Smile
i started with c , was curious about game programming, i know some people who learned pascal, java and php as first languages. well don't matter, just start learning
I started out with C then C++..
In fact here is the list of the programming languages I learned in college.
you can also make it as a basis for learning as it was also used in our curriculum in school.. are you a programmer or this is your hobby?
need a suggestion :3

I wanted to be a app developer - from where I can start?

PS. not a programmer - but have a big interest in it!
appsapps wrote:
It really depends what your goal is. What kinds of things do you want to make?

As said in the quote above and in various other posts... Your question isn't complete... as the word "programming" suggest implicitly something to be programmed.. is it a system application, desktop app, web app etc.. and without specifying your objective about learning to program.. our response won't be serious in anyway ..

No one learn a programming language for its own sake... but to be able to accomplish a given task with it.. and there are appropriate languages for each given task..
My advice is doing C++ first, then C, then Java. They're not easy but as most of the current languages are C-style, learning those three will help you become a real-world programmer more quickly.
There are some languages that are particularly suitable for introducing programming concepts, like Python, Delphi (Pascal in the old days), VB,... but later you'll not see them being used very much.

Why C++ before C? Because C++ is a mixture of procedural and object-oriented programming, and using C++ is a lot easier than C especially with pointers and strings. C is a pure procedural and Java is a pure object oriented language, learning them right at the beginning will overflow you with lots of strict practices and limitations.
I would be tempted to say HTML and PHP along with MYSQL. Simple and easy to use, and powerful tools for web development. The thing about porgramming is all the different languages have similaries for how they operate commands. PHP is where I started, and as I got into .NET and java I started to realize how much I already knew about programming. Helped me out a Lot!
tyma1000 wrote:
Pascal for beginner, I think. I started with that one because is really easy to learn and show you how the programming process is working. then C language, C# C++ you can try Smile It's a lot of fun to making your own program. Very Happy

Yeah I wished I could have learned pascal before C. But you can start from any languages. But learning from console apps is better since you will need to have basic logic concepts
Don't go for too basic. Start from C PRogramming Very Happy
tyma1000 wrote:
Pascal for beginner, I think. I started with that one because is really easy to learn and show you how the programming process is working. then C language, C# C++ you can try Smile It's a lot of fun to making your own program. Very Happy

Agree with him. Secuential languages are easy to learn, and then moving to Object oriented languages. My favourite language is Java, and i find it kinda easy for begginers since you done need to care about memory
I found PYTHON really easy to pick up and run with! I followed some courses offered @ and really gained a love for it.

But , there is a 'new' language, [url][/url], it's supposedly a very natural way of programming, and seems to be picking up a LOT of momentum (1200 users in their IRC channel!)
lemonedia wrote:
I found PYTHON really easy to pick up and run with! I followed some courses offered @ and really gained a love for it.

But , there is a 'new' language, [url][/url], it's supposedly a very natural way of programming, and seems to be picking up a LOT of momentum (1200 users in their IRC channel!)
I should check out. Any suggestions for where to pick up Linux. I'm sure I can Google it, but am asking you since you seem to have worked your way through teaching yourself.
i don't know why no one suggest c#? learning c# is easy because it is object oriented. drop and drag tools which is too easy to code. also there is a large community contributing source code which will help you.
I guess my favorite is Visual Basic , it is verry easy to use , and has many functions!
for beginners i will go with Free Paskal which is easy to start)))))
I would suggest anything that does not require compilling the code into an executable application. You will be able to correct your mistakes faster, analyze the code much more convenient, easily implement changes and so on.

Thus, I suggest you started with PHP (after previous short course of HTML and optionally CSS). I you won't like it - try other suggestions above or below, but when it comes to programming I really enjoyed PHP. I think you will as well.

Frihost gives you hosting space, you can test your files here or use a local server like xampp (that is my favourite one).
c is good to start Smile
i'd recommend starting out with HTML. yes, i know... it's not actually a programming or scripting language. it's actually a markup language. but i think it's a good thing for beginners to get into and check out. writing HTML has a systematic structure, and learning HTML can help you grasp the concept of how not only webpages work, but also how programs and programming is read and executed. Smile

so in summary, i recommend HTML. if you don't want to bother with the markup language, i can't really such anything EASY, as programming itself is as difficult as it can get in terms of programming. there are programming languages that are more difficult than others, but i can't really drop any of their names (because i'm not necessarily a programmer). i do however recommend not to use the outdated visual basic 6, a once popular programming language. it is (as previous mentioned) outdated, and it also creates bad habits for programmers if you wish to go from visual basic 6 to any other programming platform.

so as i said, STAY AWAY FROM MICROSOFT'S VISUAL BASIC 6 (unless you're making a personal program and don't have any wish to extend to other languages).
These days, if there is any beginner programming language everyone would recommend is Python.
And I agree with it.

Coding in python focuses on how to solve problems rather than spending time compiling and packaging. It's strict checking will alse help you learn indentation. Apart form that, it's a pretty versatile language.
I think c++ and php is easy language to start for the beginner. Many people using this language in different programming.These are very popular.
I find that C is easy to learn above all.. but learning new language as what you intend to do with the learning... I learn php because I want to build website and can make some good side income with it Smile
I would say C#, good IDE, nice support with drag & drop. Starting dev with something likes java could be a nightmare for newbie.
Never ever go for BASIC or any of its variants. They are just absurd and leave you good for nothing. Instead go for Python. It is fairly easy to learn (just equivalent to the BASIC) but at the same time its a fun language and you can do some really serious stuff with it!

After you have learned Python go straight to C++. It will take some time to get good at it but at least you know some programming from Python (believe me Programming basics are nearly same in all the languages, just the syntax change. Though there are some new stuff to learn in C++ like memory management and all) After you learn C++ seriously you are at a stage where you can code anything you wish and you can also learn a new language fairly easily (other languages look like kids stuff after learning C++, lol)
I first learnt C programming language and I think it is good.
I started with Java. I think its verry easy for beginners.
I think HTML is great -- I agree that even though it's not technically a programming language, it's a good way to learn about syntax and how words can transform into code. But as for programming itself, I first learned C++ and I thought it was pretty easy. Of course, things might have changed and it might be better to do C# or whatever new fangled language deviant has arisen from that. I think the best way to learn is just to stick with it, and push through. It can be hard depending on the language, but I applaud you if you're trying to learn something new.
I'd say start with C and move on to C++ to learn some object oriented programming. Build a few projects, learn how to handle multiple files, work with some graphics libraries, and just keep learning. Python would be another good choice for starting out.
You can do object-oriented programming in Javascript as well.

I ran into an image upload example recently,

Quite complicated.. it contains things I did not know were possible in Javascript.

I've tested this stuff in Firefox and Chrome, hosted the upload on Raspberry Pi.

It works fine.
I think C
Turbo C is a good programming language for beginners. Then with the basics already learned, you can jump to say PHP, Java or C# with ease. It would just be a matter of small adjustments. Smile
when i was in school, they made everyone take perl for a general idea of programming; they said that they talked with local companies and that's what they wanted people to know;

i've never found anyone around here using perl for anything Smile

But, that said, it is a good one to start to learn in general how things work; I was never really good with it, i cannot just create a script from stratch. But, and i think this was the point, I can look at code, modify it to do what i need; i can start a new code and use other's codes inside of it to get things done... and that's powerful too.

in my job that i have now, a majority of the programming (that is not done by programmers, but by our system administrators/myself) is powershell; seems like this is a more powerful CMD and something that is useful to use, i think it's getting used more and more now; you learn that and I think it would be a good one to have.
I'd recommend C#. C and/or C++ have too many difficult memory management things to worry about. C# is much more closely aligned (from a syntax standpoint) with other languages such as Javascript. If you can learn C#, you can learn other languages from there. has a great (FREE!) C# training course (7+ hours of videos) to get started -- I highly recommend it.

Good luck!
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