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About USB finger storage ?

Hi , I would like to buy a usb finger storage.

But I found that there are two type of it.
One have protection but the other have not.

What is the different between them and how they work ?

Thank you
Finger storage? Are you referring to flash drives? If so, is the protection software based or is it something hardware related?
the real finger storage guy:
badai wrote:
the real finger storage guy:

Laughing THAT is exactly what I was thinking of when I clicked this thread. But it sounds like this thread is asking about regular thumb drives.

That said, I do wonder if he upgraded from the original 2 GB of storage. Razz
the finger usb is cool and all but I don't think it is practical.
I had heard about this a while ago and I figured that he could pull off the actual stick from his finger and plug the "tip" in his usb port.
but now that I see the picture, I see that he needs to keep his finger plugged in at all times and is not able to use his right hand on the keyboard Crying or Very sad
I do not see how that would be practical at all. Having a permanent USB drive attached to your hand that you needed to use would be annoying and would slow your typing down dramatically. I could see how the idea would have been interesting, but in practice it does not seem that it would be all that helpful. It would probably be more of a hindrance. Now an USB glove that I could see being useful, however then what is the advantage over the USB glove vs. the USB keychain. Would there be one?

Another note on the USB finger, would you still be able to go through metal scanners? Probably not, which would mean you just added more of a hindrance to yourself if you do any travelling. I just do not see the difference.

On to the OP.

Most USB drives that I have found that say they come with encryption require the computer you are going to use it on to have the software or drivers to read the data on the disk. Thereby not really making it more secure, in my opinion, except if it was stolen, lost etc and the one wh stole it did not have the software. Still that could be beaten and the data retrieved. The other common option is that the USB software password-protects the data in which case you need to know the password to get to the data. As always there is other ways around this, as well.

That is some of the ways that some companies use to "encrypt" data on their commercially sold USB drives. In the end these two ways do not matter. Also, you can do either of these two methods without "special software" from the manufacturer.
people seems to going mad Very Happy what the hell is that usb storage attached to the guy finger ?! really i don't see the point just keep the flash memory in your pocket and it will be always with you like cell phone ! i think soon we will see people having their mobile phones in their mouth or their wireless head phones in their ears.

our body is beautiful don't ruin it with these things let it be beautiful.
Better to attach the drive to your thumb Cool instead of your finger? Rolling Eyes Maybe a bracelet model could be introduced. With the new smaller memory sticks I got last time, finding a place to put them is easy -- but how do you keep from losing them?

@blueray -- seriously, I don't think anyone was sure what your question was, and we just couldn't help wisecracking a little. By "protection" you might mean a cap to protect the drive from water and dirt. Most of the memory sticks I have seen have some sort of cover, but I haven't seen a good one yet that lasts if kept in your pocket on a keychain. You might mean encryption, in which case I would think it best to buy a standard drive and use standard encryption software to write to it. If you know of some that have some special feature for encryption, I would be interested in knowing about it. I'm skeptical of the value of it, but if it makes it more convenient and encourages you to protect your data from prying eyes when you otherwise wouldn't, then it might be worthwhile.
Hi, Thank you for your help !

I am sorry ! I do some mistake before asking for help !
It is fine now. Because I have got a sandisk usb storage already for a day.

I am still testing it and hope it works fine. Smile

Thanks again !!

I'm glad you found one. It looks like at least some of theirs retract into the case to protect the connector, and apparently they specialize in built-in encryption strong enough that major corporations are comfortable carrying their most sensitive documents around. We'd love to know how easy it is to use, and if they have means to recover the encrypted data if you misplace the password but still have some installation info saved for password recovery.

The retraction feature should already protect the connector better than most of mine are. The only way I can see to protect it better would be sealing it in a waterproof bag with some moisture absorbent material.
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