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Neon Genesis Evangelion!(anime)

It premired a few days ago on Cartoon Network's [adult swim].
I have no idea how cut up it is, since, I don't have cable no more. I have to imagine though, that it was very cut up. I'm surprised AS had the balls to show that show.

I have all the episodes, subbed, on a few dvds and cds my friend burnt me a week ago. Man do I love Evangelion. I had seen about 10 episodes and Rebirth a few years ago, in english. The english that great, it's not to bad, I infact prefer Shinji's english voice(and to some extent Asuka's as well), but some people's englis voice like Miasto...argh, it's just horrible!

Anyone else see and like Eva?
yea ive seen it. its a good anime, with a baaaaad ending. havent seen any of the movies yet. will have to track them down ;D
The ending was meh, you can like it or hate it.

Now the End of Evangelions ending was pretty good(I think) Confused
The voice acting is horrible, Misato and Shinji's especially. I've never really been an Eva fan anyway. It just never interested me like it does everyone else.
I like the story... lilith mith for example.... neon genesis Evangelion have a lot of interesting details... like the characters personality.
you all might not notice that Neon Genesis Evangelion is a 10-year-old anime which was first aired in 1995. during that time, it give japanese a big bang of the anime (before that japanese think that anime is just for kids). Till now, it still has it effect on the animation production.

For personal thought, the director / script writer Anno Hideaki has a bad taste of ending the anime. all his anime are big hits but the ending is bad. For those who want further information about the ending of neon genesis evangelion, i suggest watch the movie "neon genesis evangelion - the end of evangelion".
Raven The Dark Angel
Bad ending? Shocked

Am I the only one who really adored the ending? I think a lot of people are missing exactly what was going on. The ending is so symbolic! I refuse to see the remake of the end because I really like how it was concluded. It really makes you think. I mean if you think about it they were after angels right? The end was God's judgement. They were all under the light of Judgement when they were sitting in that chair. The flash backs reflect the idea of "life flashes before your eyes" when dead. Basically how you portray yourself and what you see yourself as mark all the basis of who you are. They were trying to see who you are and from their they were deciding what to do.

Each character has their own trials. (I haven't seen the anime in absolute years so forgive some error) Rei is based on the fact of deciding if she was a doll or human. What exactly made her human and things like that.

Along with knowing one's self and judgement is also what is the desire of the character. At one point Shinji was trying to figure out what female he wanted the most. All three of the girls: Rei, Asuka, and Misato all had something he wanted and it was concluded as such.

The very end when everyone is clapping is how Shinji past the trials and made it. I guess you could say he was in heaven so to speak.

The end is harshly abstract. A lot of people didn't take the time to really think about it and were probably looking for something more traditional. But I like it. It's differnt just like the rest of the series and I can't imagine it done any other way. I'm sad the creator went back and changed things instead of trying to explain his vision a little more. I really apreciate his efforts on something so intense... if only everyone else could too...
hmm, i've watched the whole episode in subtitles. honestly i prefer subtitles, plus the seiyuu(dubber) of shinji is a personal favorite of mine.

well i consider the end of evangelion to be the real ending, at least anno had given two choices of ending for the viewers, i especially like End of Eva cuz i go for shinji-asuka plus the brain whack and the violence is drool worthy.
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