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Have you ever been to a party that was out of hand?

Last night I stopped by a party that I was invited to. The first thing I noticed when I got there was that they had set up a wooden crate (just a wood crate; NO wheels) to the back of a pickup truck with a rope (not even proper hitching). These people were flying around the neighborhood and doing donuts around the cul-de-sac. Sparks were flying from the wooden crate because there were no wheels and so it was just scraping against the asphalt street. The bottom of this crate was getting thinner and thinner as it was wearing down. The idiots riding this crate didn't even have the common sense to place down their beers before going for this ride. The truck stops and the driver says, "Hey man, do you know how to drive a stick?" I said, "Of course I do." He said, "Will you drive it so that I can go for a ride?" I said, "Eff you (okay, obviously edited to comply with forum policies)!" This guy had clearly been drinking, didn't seem to care that he was handing his truck over to someone that he had never met and didn't know my blood alcohol percentage of (I actually had NOT been drinking and so I would have been safe to drive; but I wasn't going to take part in something so pointless, stupid, and reckless. It's one thing to do something stupid and dangerous in the middle of nowhere - *I would maybe have tried if I was camping the desert miles away from other people- but in a neighborhood where kids might be out playing or people might be out walking their dogs? No! It was only 10 PM and it's in the middle of the summer when kids aren't in school.).

I walk into the back yard and everyone is completely wasted. I drink. I drink to get drunk. But these people were pushing the boundaries of reasonable alcohol consumption and then drinking even more. These people had a tennis ball and were pouring fuel on it. They were then lighting it on fire and throwing it around. Since I am not a complete idiot, I go to the other side of the backyard far away from the tennis ball. Someone (I don't know who and for their safety, they better keep it that way) throws this flaming tennis ball at me. It hits my hair and catches it on fire. I quickly put it out and notice that I just lost a couple of inches of hair near my right armpit. I was pissed. I said, "Who the EFF did that? I'm going to beat the s*** out of them!" No one said anything and I just said, "Eff you dumbasses. I'm leaving." I left the party because people were acting very irresponsible and stupid yet still drinking. Alcohol doesn't make you more responsible; it makes you less responsible. Therefore, things are only going to get worse. If things are bad yet more alcohol continues to be consumed then, like I said, things only go downhill. Today, I found out that the party ended up involving multiple felony arrests, several ambulance rides, significant property damage, and that the house essentially turned into a toilet because of how much vomit there was all over the place.

Overall, I think that I made a great judgement call by leaving so soon. I love parties but they really need to be reasonable. I ended up leaving and going to another party that my friend was having. I brought a couple of beers - drank two - and we watched some movies. I had a great time yet am not in jail or the hospital today. How about that? You can have fun without that!

*Edit: I should also add that if I was going to try something like that then I'd be sober so that I at least have more control over the situation and could probably avoid injuries. I'd also wear a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, and any other safety equipment that I had.
Wow, that incident with the tennis ball was really over the top. Those guys must have been far gone. Great that you acted on your rational instincts. I've also been in some scrapes when I was a student, however there has always been a lucky charm where I went. Friends got caught, but I always managed to bale out on time. Probably because although I consumed plenty of liquor, it never paralyzed my little voice. I remember one incident almost like yours in the middle of Johannesburg, that was not in one of the safest areas to start off with. It had been a bottle party at a destination that had been unfamiliar for most of us. Things got really strange, and through the blur I just had a feeling I needed to get out of there, so I managed to convince two friends of mine to make an exit. Next it got visited by police and arrests were made after we had left. That turned into a really lucky escape for us. The good luck continued as we had been without transport at the time. The guy we had hitched a ride with was too sozzled to drive and did not want to leave. So at 3:00 a.m. or so in the morning we managed to hitch a ride with someone who could not sleep. Who then took us right to our hostel. Next of course we could not walk through the front door at that time. We had to wiggle our way in through the windows. I managed OK, but one of my friends got caught by a supervisor.
Alcohol is a Hell of a drug. I would love to go to South Africa but I do not think that I would get wasted in Johannesburg. SA is supposed to have one of the highest murder rates in the world and I am unsure about how the police officers are with handling drunks. I love drinking but I do it responsibly. Most of the time I only drink with people that I trust and inside of a house. I don't usually get drunk in public or with people that I do not know or do not trust. That is why I was not drinking at that party last night and only started drinking when my friend invited me over to watch movies with her and her friends. Even then I only had two beers because the purpose of the night wasn't to get drunk; it was to enjoy the company of each other while watching films. One of the few exceptions to my rule about not getting wasted in public was one night in Vienna, Austria - where I woke up and had no idea where I was let alone what happened the previous night. But I was drinking with people from there and so they said that they watched over me and made sure nothing bad happened. They didn't know where my hostel was and so one of them was nice enough to take me in and let me pass out. Another exception were several times in Munich where I got really drunk. But Munich felt like one of the safest and nicest cities that I have ever been in. I felt way safer there than I ever will in my home city where I have lived my entire life. If I spoke German I would move to Munich in a heartbeat.
That sucks - I have also seen things like that. I've bailed a few times from stuff like that myself.

Lol anyway HERE WE GO. I can think of a few - none that I have hosted thank god but I usually find even 10 reasonable people can cause a hell of a mess so I don't fancy going over that threshold.

1. Fairly big party in a flat that was in the middle of nowhere (part of a mansion actually) - I went there 100s of times but this one had a few rogue elements to it. One of these nasty characters had been utterly ripping the hell out of this guy ALL NIGHT - he then proceeded to get excessively drunk and was throwing up. That guy he was taking the piss out of goes up to him (he was stone cold sober) with a glass, although it's not water it's straight vodka. After absolutely puking his guts out he gets out a knife starts waving it around. Two people tackle him to the ground and he's left to walk miles home. All in all could have been worse.

2. Random party in the woods with 100s of people got stopped by police. Helicopter, police cars and riot vans everywhere. The whole night was pure chaos I cannot describe it. It sort of splintered out into various other places and they came down harder as the night progressed. I got the feeling that I was actually pretty close to getting arrested a couple of times despite being perfectly calm and legal - it was hard to tell in the chaos - people were just getting rounded up for public order or whatever.

3. 2nd hand: My bro had a party like 16 years ago with speakers rigged up in every room. All music controlled from his room. Despite the chaos that ensued his only comment was "I blew two amps!". Police were called multiple times some windows down the street got smashed and I believe someone used the roof as a slide. In the end he just barricaded himself into his room using a wall of speakers to stop the chaos for encroaching into HQ. My mum was PISSED. Some story still survives about her dragging someone out of a flowerbed in the morning.

4. On that note my friends brother had a party many years ago in which 20,000 of damage was caused to the house. The quantity of people was described as "half the town".

5. Argument starts over nothing (turned round, accidently nudged someone) crowd of 30 people vs. 1 person (chase ensues), that 1 person uses a knife whilst cornered, one person with a punctured lung, another with a leg wound. Utter chaos. I ended up getting arrested for being with that person. In cell for 18 hours. I managed to get the guy out of there, you may questions my ethics and say "why was he carrying a knife" and I agree but I honestly believe they would have killed him. That did not make me very popular with some crowds for many years and I ended up being the only defence witness in a case with over 50 prosecution witnesses. I would still do it again.

6. I was twenty miles away from home at a house party that had got a lot larger than expected (don't they always). Eventually lots of police came into the house. Plenty of people got kicked out but luckily when the police pointed at me and said "what about this guy?" to the owners they said "no we know him" even though they didn't. In a weird twist of irony the only reason they knew me is because I crashed the same house two times before. Really lucky - I would have been out on the streets with 0 money and it was freezing.

7. LOL not a party one but I have to end on an less horrific note. I had bought tickets to a musical festival and had ended up hanging out with some old hippie dudes all night in one of the camping fields drinking and smoking hash. Little did I know the police were going around checking who was legit by asking people who they had seen on stage that night. I hadn't been up there AT ALL (this thing was like a 5 day festival). I hadn't even got my wristband yet, I just had tickets back at our camp - I get stopped on my way back... they ask me the monumental questions and I remember reaching a schedule very early in the day and come out with "Errrr... wishbone... wishbone something" (hardly standing up). They were just like LOL *move along*. Good times, I like UK police.

I have A LOT more it's a pity I can't remember some more funny ones.
Afaceinthematrix wrote:
Alcohol is a Hell of a drug. I would love to go to South Africa but I do not think that I would get wasted in Johannesburg.
Neither would I. That's why emigrated to Canada. I love South Africa and all of its people but that BRUTAL and SENSELESS VIOLENT crime just did not work for me. Then when I got to Canada there were no parties like in South Africa. Sort of a bummer. After a while Canada became a great country too.
@Josso and @Matrix
Your parties sound like fun! As I'm not a responsible person, I tend to drink and doing stupid things almost every time. Not that I'm proud of it, but I can't say that I don't have fun. Rolling Eyes I'm not good with people and I always have a hard time socializing, so that's why alcohol is my drug of choice.

When I was 17~19, I tend to get wasted and act like a hooligan, trashing the houses of people me and my friends didn't like. Oh boy, and that was worth it. One of the best that we pulled was at the end of one of our parties. We were pretty drunk already and then we decided to have our revenge on this girl. Mind you that the girl threatened my brother saying that he was a bad person because he didn't have a father (my father died earlier that year, he had cancer). So we went to my house, cleaned our fridge (which was loaded with old food), got a lot of my dog's feces, flour, catchup, mustard and headed for the girl's house. So we redecorated the place. It became a mess so big that we wanted to wait until dawn to see her reaction. Of course we didn't. Instead, we just waited at our own homes.

The next day, it just came to our knowledge that the girl's mother woke up to that mess and then she was so frightened because she thought that it was some kind of voodoo magic, so she brought a voodoo priestess to bless the house or something like that. We laughed so hard that we might have burst some internal organs. Very Happy

I've been to other out of control parties, I just cannot share them here because this forum is PG-13. Smile
How I wish! Twisted Evil
My daughter had a party when she was 16
It was when we lived by the lake, 300 people turned up and set a tree on fire
I could not stop them coming in and I had to call the fire brigade so that the tree could be put out.
There are parties all the time in Santa Barbara. There's an area near UCSB where the college kids like to get drunk and do crazy stuff on the streets. It's not uncommon to see couches lit on fire and put in the middle of the street. I don't go there, but when I visit friends, I'm always shocked, even when my friends are pretty much all blase about it.
Vanilla wrote:
@Josso and @Matrix
Your parties sound like fun! As I'm not a responsible person, I tend to drink and doing stupid things almost every time. Not that I'm proud of it, but I can't say that I don't have fun. :roll: I'm not good with people and I always have a hard time socializing, so that's why alcohol is my drug of choice

LoL. So much fun! My hair getting set on fire was tons of fun. I lost about two inches of hair on the right side. So instead of going past my nipples, it just goes to my armpit. Luckily, if I wear a ponytail then you cannot even tell. I did not find that party even remotely fun. I've had some other crazy parties but that were fun and not so dangerous. I remember one of my favorite party times that wasn't stupid and dangerous was when I was at a concert seeing my favorite band and I rushed the stage and grabbed the microphone and started singing into it and then after the show the band invited me backstage to drink with them. That was awesome!
Afaceinthematrix wrote:
I remember one of my favorite party times that wasn't stupid and dangerous was when I was at a concert seeing my favorite band and I rushed the stage and grabbed the microphone and started singing into it and then after the show the band invited me backstage to drink with them. That was awesome!

Holy cow, that sounds AWESOME! Oh how I wish I could drink with my favorite band. Unfortunately, the man is dead so I can't... I'm talking about Queen. I know that the other members are alive, but Freddie Mercury is a legend!
Yeah, it was pretty awesome. This band is my favorite live band and I see them every time that they tour the States (they're from Canada). I've been fortunate enough to meet them on multiple occasions and if I emailed them they'd email me back. It makes it slightly easier that they're a smaller band (they only have one music video).

However, I've met many bands (even bigger ones) and drank with multiple bands. The trick to metal bands is simple: hang out outside after the show where they'll eventually come out and when they do come out make sure they see the bottle of liquor or beers that you brought. They will never give up free alcohol.
I know its good to be at a party, but I've never been to one! How does it feel to be there, or even throw one? Very Happy Razz
Yeah, one in every 3 parties i've been
alongkichu wrote:
Yeah, one in every 3 parties i've been

lol I feel like that.

@Josso and @Matrix
Your parties sound like fun!

Those examples I posted up there were not exactly fun. That stabbing one I mentioned same guy is now going down for 6 years for something unrelated. One of my best friends in the world it sucks.
Interesting parties mentioned above.

I was in a party that went out of hand. Well, I am glad that I was not part of the "out of hand". There were drunk girls, crying girls, some were begging others for fun time and then out of nowhere a fight starts. People start teaming up and the fight gets bigger. Cops come in, some run away and some are caught. I was home safe before anything of violent nature happened.
I thought that I would add last night's party to this. The party definitely wasn't out of hand - but it sure as Hell was fun! Last night I saw the band Nightwish. They're a pretty famous band from Finland and they have sold about 8 million albums, they sell out large amphitheaters, and they sell tons and tons of other merchandise (I've seen them perform in front of 1000+ people and have almost everyone in the crowd wearing a Nightwish shirt). So they're a pretty big band.

A prominent band called Kamelot opened for Nightwish. After the show, my friend and I went down to a restaurant called Hooters - which was a block down the street. Kamelot was there and they invited us to join them. After the restaurant, they invited us back to the venue with them to hang out in their tour bus and drink a few beers. We started drinking and hanging out and I talked to Alissa White - from The Agonist - who is on tour with Kamelot as a guess backup vocalist for a few songs. We talked about veganism and the videos that she made for PETA. We shared that common interest.

After hanging out with Kamelot, we were able to meet two members of Nightwish - Marco (their bass player) and Tuomas (their keyboard player and the musical master genius behind Nightwish (he writes all of their songs including the music for the full orchestras that back them up in the studio. He spent 11+ years studying music at some top music school)). Tuomas offered me some of his wine and I gladly accepted (I generally don't drink wine but I got to take some swigs out of his bottle - pretty cool!). Marco and I started talking about beards (he brought it up). He's quite popular among the fans for his beard and mine is proudly longer than his.

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