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On A Dream Boat to the Haven of Beauty

Embark on a journey to the quaint scenic backwaters of Kerala away from the bustle of the daily hectic routine. A soothing retreat while skimming through the beautiful waterways in a lavish and cozy Kettuvallam instills rhythm back in your life. While on a Kerala tour, the prominent backwater destinations are Alleppey, Kumarakom, Kuttanad, Cochin, Kollam and Kasargod and are bestowed with beguiling charm and splendour.

Cruising through the picturesque countryside, gazing at the mauve sunsets and waking up to multi-hued sunrise, renders an exotic charm to backwater vacation. With the intricate watercourse of brackish lagoons, lakes, creeks, coves and rivers that bound the breathtaking locale, there is a lot to be explored by travellers. The backwater destinations are haven to Siberian storks, herons, egrets, darters, teals, kingfishers and such other exquisite and diverse aquatic and non aquatic flora and faunas.

Explore the beautiful countryside and experience the simple and unique lifestyle of the populace. Delicious and luscious seafood cuisine will be another luxury that one can relish while on such a holiday. The blissful quietude of backwaters fascinates nature-lovers, explorers and adventure-seekers, leisure vacationers, newlyweds and peace seekers evenly.

These majestic country crafts had lost their significance as chief mode of transportation but have been resuscitated with the innovative backwater holiday concept. The recreated luxury house boats are homage to the majestic Kettuvallams of the bygone nineteenth century. The opulent houseboats are studded with all modern amenities like luxurious rooms, attached bathrooms, on board dining facilities and even ayurvedic spas to make the cruise a lifetime experience.
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