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Do you Believe in 2012?

That day is around the corner...
There are big floods all over the world now...
Is there 2013, actually?
Like I always do. Let us just wait and see. What will be, will be. Very Happy
Im opening a franchise for 2013 calendars since Im predicting no one will be making any for the new year then. Join now and make a bundle on this enterprise. spam calender company its called.

I thought it was June 21 just goes to show how uneducated I am, poor me. My reaction to Dec 21 yippy yippy the end of the world!

On a more serious note, I dont hope for any natural disasters or human hardships but if something should happen my only thought is one of compassion.
lol bluedoll.

I think 2012 is just a movie thats hyped up to quite an extent.

I'm sure there will be a 2013 and probably more.

There are earthquakes and famines and the financial crisis going on, among wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and other countries (I think).

Also natural calamities like hurricanes, not uncommon.

These may be signs that the world is ending ... who knows, but whenever these calamities occur, there are humans among us who help them out, and that to me, is what counts.
When disaster strikes, people from different countries and walks of life come in to help the downtrodden, and that is what keeps the world moving.

TO me, once people stop caring about others, is when the world has ended.
all are because of the magnetic field change. 2013 will be there but more floods aso will keep going for a while!
Lets we see whats going to happen?
Think positive Wink
menino wrote:
I think 2012 is just a movie thats hyped up to quite an extent.
Oh thanks, menino I wasnt sure. I didnt see it but maybe they will bring out a sequel. Some other upcoming ones they say will be The Dark Worlds, The Wolverine, Man of Steel, Iron Man 3, The Hangover, Star Trek 2, Thor, Fast and Furious 6, startrek I will definitely go see.

Im all for thinking positive.
I believe that 2012 exists, I also believe people well die in 2012. How's that for a prophesy!
coolclay wrote:
I believe that 2012 exists, I also believe people well die in 2012. How's that for a prophesy!
Think it's spot on! Twisted Evil
likeabreeze wrote:
There are big floods all over the world now...

I do expect flash floods if we ever get some rain here.
i believe in 2012 that i would be a exciting and good investment for me..
Hopefully 2012 will turn out to be the year that I did some mega traveling relative to 2011. Twisted Evil
I believe in the year 2012. All the doomsday non-sense needs to stop. It's embarrassing as human beings.
2012 is a phenomenon believed by those who want to believe it. In any case iI don't honk the world will end. But a change may definitely take place in the world. That said, changes take place every year Smile
It being July 2012 already and there have been no signs of impending doom, I foresee the next year making it here. Sure things will change, but not because of the world ending. They will change just because thatis the natural way of things without change there would be no need for further evolution, discoveries, or even the news that some people watch daily. If change did not happen the world would be a seriously bleak place.
Once we wake up the day after that day, there will be another prophetic apocalypse day to look forward to... party on
I have been believing in 2012 since 7 months now, and will believe it for another 5 months.
I swear all of this nonsense started when someone made a mistake with one of the calenders and interpreted "end of the age" as "end of the world".

Since then it's been non stop rubbish passed off as "proof". OH I CAN FIND THE NUMBER 38727 EVERYWHERE BECAUSE I'M LOOKING FOR IT. THIS CLEARLY IS PROOF THAT THE WORLD WILL END THIS YEAR. Even the less stupid stuff has been largely unsourced or twisted to suit the person reformatting the data*

Richard Feynman wrote:
The first principle is that you must not fool yourself, and you are the easiest person to fool.

Basically if you go out looking to find something specific. You will find it.
We will se... But I think that it will be a 2013...
is not the first time that the people say that is the end of the world.
Too me this is a funny question! Everyone's simple answer should be "yes", and only yes, as anything else is crazy. Everyone believes in 2012, or they are crazy. It's really a year, and it comes right after 2011, but not before 2013. Smile Silly question.
i don't beleive in it and even if it's true it's just in three months and we must have seen a signal.
We have passed 7 months. Will it be happen in the next 5? I don't believe in it.
OK, here is the deal, the Mayan calendar ends on Dec. 21, 2012, it is a hypothesis that this date was chosen as the end of time, because they knew the world was coming to an end.

I can't buy this, maybe they just decided that they didn't need to compute the calender any further?

As far as natural disasters go, it would stand to reason, since the Mayans created their calender from the stars in the sky, AND that they knew some natural disaster, say a comet hitting earth, or coming close enough to cause pole re-orientation, was to happen on Dec. 21, 2012. Now if they knew this with certainty then it would be a reasonable action to quit computing dates. If the poles were re-oriented somehow, then the position of the stars relative to earth would change, and the survivors would have to start a whole new calender.

Now this sounds reasonable and all, but I still have to wonder if that was their logic. If or how they knew that something like a comet or asteroid passing by would change the earth, and how they knew it would occur so far in the future, and for that matter the exact date, really leads me to doubt the logic, and or the reality.

I'm not saying that others are wrong, I'm not saying I'm right, I have my doubts and don't see the world ending in a few months. That's all!

NOW if the world ends on Dec. 21st this year, that means I won't have to go to work the next day.......right? Cool
if you believe or not htere's not to much to do anyway if the world end is not like we could hop into another one and sing , so long and thanks for meat....
Absolutely not ,although the environment is getting worse ,I think the Earth will exist at least for billions of years.
Well, let's just wait and see.
I don't think so. That prophecy is mainly based on the mayan calendar. Would you really believe it's the end of the world if that's only as far as their calendar goes?
2012? Isn't that just a movie? I don't really know when it became a prediction... Anyway, up till now I don't think the earth will be destroyed in years, decades or even centuries.
can't you feel the magnetic fields are low??? Laughing
The inner core of the earth is UNstable!
It's almost eight months of 2012 been passed... actually I don't believe that in 2012 the world will be end..! Let's just wait and see what will happen in 2012....! but I always hope for the positive... Be Positive...!
The world should come to an end every year, at least once. I mean the world as we know. There is still too much bad things like wars, famine or diseases in this world so why not bring it to an end while starting with the new better one? At least in our minds. I do think Mayans refered to the state of human mind changing, not the planet itself.

Of course, if the price of this end is to destroy us completely without surviving, then I hope its not going to happen and there will be a 2013.
I think that the end of 2012 will be the start of something fresh and new, but I don't know what. It could be great, could be a disaster. Have to admit I do worry a little more than I used to about the world ending, with all the weather disasters we keep having lately.
Scientists are smart enough to predict all such things.
inuyasha wrote:
2012? Isn't that just a movie? I don't really know when it became a prediction... Anyway, up till now I don't think the earth will be destroyed in years, decades or even centuries.

How funny, yeah it is a movie, the movie is based on real prophecies that the end of the world is coming on exactly 2012, because that is when the Mayans chose to end their calendar.

I am not 100% sure on this but the way my mind says it goes - is: For some reason or another when it was discovered that the Mayans ended their calender on 12/21/2012, a number of people hypothesized that this was because they knew something about the Galaxy, and that the date marked the end of the world as we know it. This has led to numerous people pointing to this date as the end of the world.

Now I could have the story completely wrong, but that is how I remember it Cool
I don't think that it will because 2012 didn't happen. So if there are rumors about 2013 they are all fake. I don't think it'll happen for sec.
Absolutely not.
absolutely nothing will happen. We've seen the likes of these hypes before.
Of course I believe in 2012 - it's after 2011 and before 2013. We're living in 2012 right now.

Do I believe that it is going to be the last year that I am alive? No. I am healthy and young. I see no compelling reason to believe that the world will be gone after this year. Yes, there are natural disasters. There were natural disasters last year and every year before that and there will most likely be natural disasters next year; this is nothing new.

Be that as it may, I am still going to throw a Hell of a party this December. I will have (along with many other good beers: Widmer Brother's Rotator, Stone Ruination, etc.):

And some (and I mean both heavy metal music and women):

And then the next day, we will all be like this (new tattoo and all):

Would be a nice excuse for a party for sure. With plenty of fire works. People here in Ecuador treat almost every occasion here as an excuse for a party. See major fire works every where in the cities I've been to so far.
2012 - bigger than 1999... The earth will crumble and all of that ....
I don't believe in 2012. Nope, as far as I am concerned it is still 2011 and will continue to be until 2013.

I also don't believe in 12PM. I count 11AM twice and then skip to 1PM. Laughing
I believe in 2012.
Only two months left! what will happen?
Forgot about 2012, already planning for 2013. Looking forward to 21 December however.
No.. Its all Dooms day rubbish. But having said that something is going to get you sooner or later.
Possum wrote:
No.. Its all Dooms day rubbish. But having said that something is going to get you sooner or later.
That's pretty much guaranteed. No doubt about that. And it may come from any direction, like the Franken Storm on the US Eastern Coast has just proven again.
Or Frank in the Philippines

Hope you were OK

No storms down where I live ever.. But sometimes we get big earthquakes..

Hopefully I can push 2012 out to 2050.. Mind you at my age every day is a bonus
We get sand storms where I am. And a rain storm maybe once or twice a year. There is an eartquake zone on the East Coast of the UAE, but have only heard of tremors, not quakes. We do get zapped with the heat however once a year. Very Happy
chatrack wrote:
Scientists are smart enough to predict all such things.

Scientists aren't God so they won't know. In the Bible it states Jesus will come like a thief, unexpectedly.
Just to answer the thread's title ("Do you believe in 2012?") directly, I don't think it's something to believe in. It's just a year. Now, if the question is: Do I believe in the predictions that it's the end of the world in 2012? My answer would be: I don't. Smile
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