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Connection Randomly Dying For Some Sites

I've been having a problem with my connection the past few days. Probably about 50% of the time, a lot of webpages refuse to load. The problem magically fixes itself by itself at random times, and then reappears at random as well. The affected sites seem a bit random: Facebook and Reddit are affected, but sites like Google and Imgur load perfectly fine. This problem extends past simple web browsing, as other applications other than Chrome don't work properly when the problem pops up in Chrome. For example, League of Legends' patcher can't connect to the server, so if I try to launch the game while the problem is happening, it simply doesn't work. It also stops downloading a patch if the problem occurs while it is in the process of downloading. On the other hand, Teamspeak works perfectly fine all the time.

This problem seems isolated to my computer, as other computers in the house and mobile devices work fine. For reference, I'm running Windows 7 64 bit and a wired connection.
Does anybody have a possible solution?

EDIT: I tried accessing sites that are affected with a proxy server I run off my domain when the problem occurs and it loads fine.

Here are the things I have tried so far:
Clearing the cache/temporary files/cookies/etc.
Reinstalling Chrome
Reinstalling the ethernet driver for my motherboard
Update Windows
Have you tried a different browser? Is it only happening in Chrome? If it is only happening in Chrome have you uninstalled it and cleared everything from it off of your computer and reinstalled? I would suggest trying it in Firefox.
I haven't tried Firefox, but I've tried Internet Explorer to test this and it has the same problem when Chrome does.
I had same problem. Go in internet explorer settings and check the proxy settings. Even though I never added a proxy there was a random server added in there.
I assume you're referring to Internet Properties > Connections tab > LAN Settings. If that's the case, the proxy server checkbox is unchecked.
I am having similar problem with IE 8 under XP. In the middle of site load, suddenly everything goes off and the message comes " This tab has been recovered" and then


Internet Explorer has stopped trying to restore this website. It appears that the website continues to have a problem.
What you can do:
Go to your home page

Try to return to

More information

Uninstalling-Reinstalling of IE8 didnot solve the problem. No such issue is with Firefox 14. It is working perfectly.
Are you using any kind of fancy router setup?
I once had a similar problem, which ended up being because I was using a router/firewall combo. No matter how I told it not to, the firewall part would steadily build up a list of sites it would block, including ones I wanted to go to, so I had to stop using it.

dohzr wrote:
I had same problem. Go in internet explorer settings and check the proxy settings. Even though I never added a proxy there was a random server added in there.

Sounds like you got some malware there!
Better do a scan for other stuff while you're at it.
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