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When is it time to end the friendship with your best friend?

Is it time for me to end the friendship with my bestfriend who was also my ex?
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My best friend was my ex. We were in a relationship for 5 years but we were best friends for another 5 years. We care for each other and we helped each other's relationships to work. But every time she asks me a favor and my girlfriend refuses me to do it for her, my bestfriend gets upset.
She would always say that she hates me and that I am not a friend. She would call me and make me feel terrible for saying no. She would even bring up the past on how she helped me because she really did help me big time.. .that because of her, financial opportunities opened up for me.

It was a viscious cycle that every time she gets disappointed, she nags me like that. That is why I was afraid to say no to her. But my gf wanted me to say no from time to time. She doesn't want me to enabling my bestfriend.

Finally, I think I got tired of her nagging. She unfriended me on Facebook but she would kept calling and leaving agry messages. So I blocked her from my phone. But from time to time, I do not know if I should feel guilty... if I should still keep the friendship. MY other friends felt that ending is the right thing because they think she would not change. So I asked my friends that I do not want to be in the same crowd with her... because I just know that I would give in again to her... that I would forgive her or I may even apologize to her so we can patch things up.
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