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SONA Philippines today

State of the Nation Address in the Philippines today. a lot of filipino wants to know what is the Highlight, agenda, plan today by President Pinoy.

Some say nothings happened at all when he becomes President. some says he is the best President of the Philippines fight against corruption and crime. He Make the country higher Gross and manage well when it comes to economics..

Well, if may i say... this is all debating as far as their views.. for me as an ordinary person nothings happen at all or i did not notice any changes since i was born and live here in the Philippines... crime is the same as what i seen in reports.. infrastructure are getting improved but i was private sector none a government..

i am not against the President or the government but i am just expressing the way is saw and observed in my daily living.
I think that no matter what the president does it is going to take a long time to filter down to the man on the street. If he tackles corruption at the highest level it will have to work it's way down from the top and it will take generations for the culture to change.
If something such as corruption is so entrenched in a society you can't change it over night. It is a long term education program and a system to catch those involved and punish them.
Anyway, I wouldn't be in too much of a rush to change. Any change would mean you would become more and more westernized and you don't want that surely. The Philippines is unique and has a unique lifestyle. The people are happy and content and adjust their life to suit their lot in life.
The west has it's own problems and generally a western lifestyle is not as content induced as yours is.
I say enjoy it while you can because change will come slowly and effectively and you may not like it.
well, politicians have money interest because that is there work and they need to be impressive when it comes SONA after days of speech you will never heard the new updates.
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