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MySql -Connecting problems

Hello, I've recently joined Frihost and when I was creating and using the MySql management it all worked fine until I implanted it into my server. I'm pretty sure I put in the right information, but when I start the server I get many connection errors. If anyone could help me, maybe I have the wrong information put in. Thanks in advanced.

name: Plugin.jar
tablePrefix: **
host: localhost
port: 3306
database: ************
username: ************
password: ************
max-connections: 10
It seems like you are trying to use the MySQL database from a different server/computer. Please note that this is not supported and while I think it should currently be working on Server 4, it might not be in the future (in case it has to be disabled for security reasons).

Anyway, if you are indeed using it from a different server, then I assume that the "host: localhost" is wrong and needs to be changed to "" or with replaced with your (sub)domain (anything that resolves to the server should be fine).
Thanks for the semi-quick response. I tried the methods of the sub-domain and I also traded Is the MySQL using 2222, or 3306. I tried both. Is there anyone you could use teamviewer to help me?

I'm also trying to use the MySQL to create a table inside of the PhpMyAdmin.
This is the database information inside PhpMyAdmin.

Server: Localhost via UNIX socket
Software: MySQL
Software version: 5.5.14 - MySQL Community Server (GPL)
Protocol version: 10
User: MyDatabase_MDB@localhost
Server charset: UTF-8 Unicode (utf8)
It is using the default port 3306 (as no port is set) and also there is no mention of external host restriction so it should be working fine remotely on port 3306.

Have you tried to create a simple php script on your domain or subdomain to connect to the database to check if it works fine?

To create a table in phpMyAdmin should normally not be a problem. Just click on "create table" and then fill in the column details?
I'm trying to run a plugin called LogBlock, on a game called MineCraft, the plugin requires MySQL for some reason it will not connect to any host I put on, I have no clue.
What I mean is that you create a simple php file on your website and try the settings there. This way you can at least be sure that that part of the settings are correct and you aren't using the wrong database name, username and password. Just something simple like the code here . And if something is wrong, I can check it out while with your application I can't.
I don't think FriHost supports Minecraft MySQL.
T1nyShadows wrote:
I don't think FriHost supports Minecraft MySQL.

I highly doubt it, unless for some reason MySQL cannot be accessed from outside the server. We provide a standard MySQL server, it is very unlikely Minecraft would need a special configuration. And even then, it would given another error and at least make a connection.

Are you sure that you can actually access port 3306 from your computer (or the one you have Logblock on)?
Okay another question I had is when can I get a vps?
T1nyShadows wrote:
Okay another question I had is when can I get a vps?

We don't offer vps's. That's usually not something you can get for free.
Alright thanks for your time, I will most likely be using a different mysql service, but I will still be using some of the other features on FriHost like the website. Smile
Most of freewebhosting do not provide external connection to db.
If you just need a mysql db with external connection.
You could try some free mysql server.
As far as I know, there are...

I used for a while, until my freewebhosting cut the connect to other servers.
He probably needs web space as well, along with the sql connection.
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