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suggest me a FTP software on Linux.

I want to install a FTP software on CentOS, I don't know which is fit for me.
Filezilla is a really good FTP client. Works really great on windows but I have never tries it on linux. You can give it a shot. Here is the download URL
Filezilla works quite will on linux. It is what I use anyway. I have not had a problem with it working at all. Perhaps someone else has, but I have not encountered a problem with it. Personally I think it works better on linux then on Windows, but that is only my experience. On Windows it just seems slower.
Filezilla will probably work.
It's avaible for much distro's, so also for centOS probably.
If there is a source code avaible, if there's no way to install it the normal user-friendly way, try installing it from that, then it will probably work.
You can also just search in the marketplace CentOS and search for ftp and just look at it's reviews.
I don't have experience with CentOS, means this is just a logical guess since you must do it this way on the most distro's
I have used gFTP. Long time since I used it but from what I remember it was OK.
I'll also throw in my recommendation for FileZilla. I've used it for years and it's always gotten the job done!
FileZilla +1 (+1) Very Happy
I'll vote filezilla too and if you want a Firefox Addon, then fireftp would be my other suggestion. Those are the only ones I will use.
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