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anyone building effects pedals?

there's allready a thread for posting the list of gear in use (mainly guitar/ bass),
but is there anybody building his own fx?
DIY - pedals?
soldering some electronic noise-machines?
I don't know enough electronics - I would. My mate has built live effects processors, a synth and various other stuff if you want something custom I could put you in contact with him.
I'm quite familiar with electronics (my job) and I can locate some schematics or guides for you. What are you interested in exactly (which effects, for instance) ?
Yes i've done some but after struggling around to use my custom build effects as well as pedals i found that using prebuild pedal boards is a lot better.

For the effect i used many circuit schematics in internet but they never sounded like real effects, by the way now i'm using Fractal Axe-Fx II which is really great and many many BIG guitarists all over the world are using this DIGITAL effect which sounds many times greater than ANALOG ones !
after playing guitar more than 10 years without fx (well, except reverb, of course) i started playing around with a fuzz pedal, and i found it charming. i realized that a few outstandig fuzzes would make really beautiful toys for me - so i'm not interested in a digital multi-fx overload (if someone wants to make me believe that they sound better - it eventually may be that way, but that's not the point), but rather a noisy roaring analog fuzz, which is, in it's primitivity, from the stone-age of electronics, i even might be able to understand it! of course i'd love to putter around with some of those circuits, and they are absolutely in the range of producibility, even for someone with low knowhow and low budget. unfortunately, like for so many other things, i lack the time to engage in that stuff, i hardly get to play the guitar as much as i like. - nevertheless i suppose there might be someone who manages to build his own pedals.
whatever, to ask someone if and under which conditions he'd build me this or that pedal, is a different story... i'm rather interested in terms, conditions and motivations of production.
Well the guy I know will build you one for hardly anything. Because he enjoys the actual building itself he'll ask for what the parts and shipping actually cost, it's not really a profit thing. Several times under a retail price of something produced by a large company.

However all the people I know including myself are more synth/electronic music fiends so I'm not sure how useful some of the stuff would be to you - especially reading your general fx useage.
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