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Oh, the humanity! (Something I typed a long time ago)

Oh, the humanity...
Here are a few things I have to say about humans and animals...
Humans having animals breed for their own gain (money) really enrages me. It's really f'ed up, and it makes me wonder what it would be like if we were in their situation. Getting taken away from your parents when you're only a few weeks old. Yeah, that sounds fun (sarcasm). So you think that's bad, well also keep in mind that some greedy human is making a living off of this; having your mother do "it" with other animals of her kind to make you, then taking you away from her and sending you off to a human. How delightful.
Also, it pisses me off when people refer to their pets as "it".
"Check out my dog! It has blue spots" no. How about "Check out my dog, Sparky! He has blue spots". Calling a dog "it" is basically calling him/her an object. ANIMALS ARE NOT OBJECTS! THEY ARE LIVING THINGS!
How would YOU like it if no one referred to you as a he/she and called you an "it" instead?
Another kind of off-topic thing I just now decided to add in. Humans have problems. Long, long ago, foxes occasionally visited farms and ate the chickens and whatnot. Guess what the humans did? They shot the foxes. With a friggin' rifle of shotgun. I'm really angry now. Did the foxes really deserve to die?! They see a friggin' chicken walking around in the farm and their instincts tell them to eat it. They can't help it!
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