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Fight For Your Life

-Before we start, I would like to say that I DID NOT MAKE THIS STORY! All credit goes to FakeStoryInc and its website, by my friend Lightningthewolf9.
Now here's the story:


My name is Sol, I'm not exactly what you would call a strong fighter. I'm also very small for my age, but that's alright with me. I am a small patchy wolf, its weird I know. Most wolves don't have different colors on them but I'm just different. My friend Luna is also small and she's grey with stripes. What's even stranger is that we don't know our parents because we were found by Drake our leader by a few trashcans. Anyway, my pack The Fight Pack is fighting constantly against the Kill Pack and I'm sad to say we're not winning. I went over to Luna, "So, who's fighting now?" I asked her. "Scratch, Mouse, Rattail, and Drake." Luna replied as Killer burried one of our other friends, Stripes. He was also a small wolf like us and he was like a brother to me. Dragon the leader of kill pack had killed him easily because Stripes was too small. Dragon was the biggest wolf anyone has ever seen so it wasn't much a fight when he killed poor Stripes. I couldn't cry, there were too many lost to be crying over one. Besides I was so thirsty I probably didn't even have tears to shed. We are fighting over territory and so far Kill Pack has three rivers and gruards them feircely. I sighed, most of my friends like Stripes were already dead. "Luna, you remember Blue?" I asked her. "Yeah, he saved us." She replied. I sighed again, he had saved us against Death, the deputy of Kill Pack. He died saving us, he was a silver wolf with clear blue eyes and he was very strong and kind. Both of them died as Blue had pushed him off a cliff but to do that he had to throw himself off too. "Remember his brother Thorn?" I asked Luna. "Of course..." She mumbled. Thorn had tried to save Stripes but in the end he had died with him. Thorn was a dark grey wolf with green eyes and he was born to be a father. In fact he was Autmn's mate and he died before he could see his children who are also Drake's grandchildren. I felt bad for Drake, he had witnessed the death of both his sons and his mate, Daisy. He has devoted his life to killing Dragon who is also his brother. I shivered thinking about him. Dragon's name brings fear to everyone because he's killed many wolves. His first kill was when he was about a year old, he didn't like his new baby sister so he killed her, when his mother found out he killed her too. Then he killed his father making sure no new siblings would be born. It was all out of jealousy, it's why he hates his brother so much because Drake was always his mother's favorite. But it's hard to feel bad for Dragon when he's killed so many. "Luna." I called. "Yeah?" She asked. "Do you remember what Dragon's mother's last words were?" I asked and she had heard the story many times like me and she replied, "Yes, I always hated you." That's when I cried.

I was fighting against Skunktail and Fangs, two warriors from Kill Pack. My brother had gone power crazy after he killed our mother. I couldn't stand him, my sons, my mate. He and his warriors have killed everyone. Skunktail jumped at me and I dodged. I ran at him and bit his throat, he was dead. I hated killing but it was the only way I could save my pack. The drought had dried up our puddles and the last of our water surplies. My pack was also running out of warriors, I had to convince two street cats that they were wolves. I felt horrible about it but I couldn't just let my brother kill them like he had killed their parents. Though they aren't brother and sister, I found them in different places. But Stripes a third one was with Sol when I found him so they were brothers. I trained all three of them like wolves and they had lost their cat instincts. They never hissed or meowed, they barked, howled, and growled. Though they can climb trees which is good for escaping. Fangs came at me with his mouth open but I ducked and grabbed him by his throat, killing him too. I sighed at least they died quick and painlessly. That was the last of the Kill Pack warriors, I signaled the rest of my warriors to retreat, surprisingly none of my warriors had died. Dragon must not be training his warriors so that they can fight earlier. I once saw him use a six month old puppy as a warrior, it was sad and he died young. My deputy had killed him and said it was for the pack and I'm sorry. Killer, my deputy used to be a part of Kill Pack but he hated killing for power and joined our side. He was brave and a great friend so I made him deputy. Both his parents died in war and he was on the edge of jumping over the cliff. Many wolves had jumped over the cliff either to kill a Kill Pack wolf like my son Blue or just get out of this war fast like my uncle Cloudy who had gone blind and wanted to die. In fact a Kill Pack wolf lead him to the cliff where Cloudy wanted to fall, that wolf was Killer my deputy. Anyway my warriors and I went back to our pack where Flower healed us with what little medicine she had.

I looked at Sol, he had started crying as the fighting warriors came back. I was happy no one died but sad that this war was not won. What was sadder was that if Kill Pack sends more warriors then me and Sol will have to fight against them. I hated fighting, I've never killed anything not like I could anyway. I'm a year old and I can fit into a rabbit hole! Though that does get us some nice rabbit meat... Anyway I'm hoping that Kill Pack gives us a break. Drake and Dragon are brothers they should make up. I understand sibling rivelry but this is rediculous! I looked back at the medicine den, Drake had come out and he came straight at me and Sol. "You two, I have a mission for you both." He said. "What's the mission? To go kill some Kill Pack puppies like last time?!" Sol growled. "That was an emergency, we needed to shorten their population and no you are not going to do that." Drake replied. "Than what are we going to do?" I asked. "There are a bunch of trees in Kill Pack, I want you two to spy on them and see what they're planning." Drake replied. "Well at least we don't have to kill anymore." Sol mumbled, his head down. "You leave at night." Drake replied leaving us. "When will this war end? We've been fighting since we were puppies." Sol mumbled walking away, and I was left alone.
Chapter 4: Dragon

I looked out at my pack, there were at least 40 wolves and 10 puppies. We had enough food and water for a thousand wolves so I wasn't worried. I knew I could just end this whole war by letting every single wolf attack my brother's pack, but something told me not to. I looked at my deputy, Blood, "Blood should we stop this war?" I asked the dark as night wolf. "Maybe, but why don't we just kill them all?" Blood replied. "That's a lot of lives Blood, and a lot of wasted talent. Let them come to us." I replied to my blood thirsty deputy. "Whatever, should we go kill some more stray cats surrounding our territory?" Blood asked. "Nah, we've killed enough of them. Let's leave them alone and just relax." I replied. "Ok, but that seems so boring." Blood mumbled as the two cat spies ran away from the trees and back to their camp. "You think we fooled them?" I asked Blood. "Of course we did, now when do we attack at full force?" Blood asked. "As soon as I get them organized." I smirked looking at my 37 warriors ready to fight. (Three are nursing)

"Drake we have great news!" I yelled as we ran into his den. "What is it?" Drake asked. "They decided to relax!" I shouted. "That's wonderful! Go tell the whole pack!" Drake replied. Me and Luna ran out of his den and told every wolf about what Dragon said to Blood. Soon all the wolves were cheering and howling. Me and Luna joined in howling at the full moon. But the howling was broken by a scream, I turned towards the noise and I saw Dragon with Autmn's pup Tiny, dead and bleeding inside Dragon's mouth. I was shocked and so was everyone else. Dragon didn't come alone, he had at least thirty other wolves with him. Drake our leader went up to him, "Dragon you trader, why are you here?" he asked his brother. "Isn't it obvious? I'm here to kill every last one of your wolves including you." Dragon replied putting poor Tiny down. "Why do you love killing? Don't you know how many you are killing? You've already killed me on the inside. You took my mate Daisy, my sons Thorn and Blue, you took both our mother and father. You also took our sister, and now you've just killed my granddaughter. Even all those wolves who are also your kin are just a small number to how many you've killed in your life." Drake growled. I now noticed how thin he was, in fact everyone was thin except for the Kill Pack wolves. Even I was thin and starving. We wouldn't last, not with these numbers and our starvation we've suffered. "Brother, you don't know how good you had it. Our mother hated me because of my markings. She said they were a curse, she also didn't like my eyes as they were a sign of death. If she had never said that I wouldn't have killed her." Dragon replied, blood dipping off his chin. "No, you killed our sister first, because she was weak and you were jealous of how our mother treated her. Your markings are a curse, and so are mine." Drake replied, his strange yellow eyes glowing. "What are you talking about? You're a white wolf you have no markings..." Dragon trailed off as Drake started changing, all of a sudden he grew bigger and stood on his hind legs. His front and back claws grew to the size of a tree and as thick as a tree trunk. Grey markings stood out on him, his eyes kept glowing, his teeth grew until his cainines were as big as me. His tail grew longer and spikier like a weapon. He stood at least seven feet tall and roared at his brother, "See? I can beat you, I've been hiding this from everyone. On the full moon I turn into this creature, and I'm going to use it to distroy you!" Drake slashed at Dragon but Dragon dodged. "Silly brother, don't you think I knew that?" Dragon smirked as his eyes glowed and he turned into a similer monster like Drake only he had red markings and black fur. I heard gasps coming from all wolves, Autmn fainted. I stood my ground with Luna but was scared of what was going to happen. "Aww, look at that. You look so skinny and pathetic. Look around you Drake, your pack is suffering. They'll never survive against me and my pack of thirty-seven! Now Kill Pack ATTACK!" Dragon roared and all of his warriors ran from behind him and started attacking everyone. "Dragon the one thing you don't know is, my pack is loyal! They will fight till their last breath!" Drake roared back as he attacked Dragon, but Dragon was too fast and he dodged. I had bigger problems, four grown wolves were attacking me and five were attacking Luna. I howled in pain as they ripped me to shreds but I got up and tried to attack one. But since I'm so small I barely did any damage. The wolves started attacking me again, and I was sure I would die. But then I saw an opening by the wolves that looked big enough for me to crawl through. I took the risk and ran through the hole, the wolves ran after me. I ran through the forest trying to lose the Kill Pack wolves, then I noticed I was running out of land. The cliff was coming up and I had a great plan, I ran twords it and as soon as I got to the edge I turned. The wolves behind me were running too fast and they fell down the cliff and died. I ran back to my pack to help anyone I could.

I had gotten away from the five wolves that had attacked me, two of them drowned in the river behind me. Luckily I'm a strong swimmer. The other three probably got lost in the woods. I'm now running back to camp to help anyone else, this fight looks like it's ending. Oh and just because a lot of Kill Pack wolves are dying doesn't mean that we're not losing. Scratch, Mouse, and Rattail had already died. Autmn was protecting her pups as best she could but Shrub got killed, now it's only little Fluff. I didn't see Sol anywhere which made me worry but soon I saw him running to help Autmn and since DemonGod looked fine I ran over to help too. Fluff looked badly injured so I took him to Flower's hiding spot. "Oh that doesn't look good..." Flower mumbled. "I was afraid you'd say that." I replied looking at the small fluffy white pup. His wound was on his side and it was bleeding badly. Flower covered it with cobwebs but it didn't help much. "We might just have to feed him the deathberries..." She mumbled. Deathberries are red berries that instantly kills wolves and other animals. Medicine Wolves only use them if the patient is suffering and wouldn't survive anyway. "No, we have to keep trying." I said. "I like your spirit but that's all I can do for now." Flower replied sadly. A tear came down my eye this was Thorn's last pup, without him Drake's blood wouldn't be passed on. Fluff looked the most like Drake too, except for his fluffy fur and blue eyes. I stayed there with him and Flower in case any Kill Pack wolves found us.

I was bleeding badly from my arm and my side. I hadn't even made one scratch on Dragon he was too fast. "Give up Drake, look at your pack almost all of your warriors have died. Even some of your grandchildren died. All that's left are two cats and maybe one wolf." Dragon growled smiling. I looked at my pack, Dragon was right I saw bodies everywhere. "Ok Dragon." I mumbled. I turned and roared as loudly as I could, everyone stopped and looked at me. "Attention Fight Pack and Kill Pack, Dragon wins." I yelled. Gasps from my remaining Pack whispered in my ears, and the yells of victory from Kill Pack rang in my ears over powering the gasps. I wanted to cry, I hadn't even touched Dragon and I was covered in scraches. I sighed as me and Dragon srunk back down to wolves. Dragon laughed, and then he yelled, "Blood you will now be the leader of Fight Pack. Choose your deputy and fifteen wolves." I was sickened by this, I was leader. Not Blood! Wait a minute... Where was Killer my deputy?! "Drake what happened? Did we win?" I turned around to see my deputy looking badly beaten and gasping for air. He would surely die soon and my last words to him would be the worst words ever, "No, Killer... We lost. I lost." I mumbled, Killer looked at me with shock but before he could say anything his breath slowly began to die down and blood came out of him in huge amounts I was surprised he even lived long enough to crawl back to his pack. I went over to him, "You were a great friend Killer, I will miss you deeply. Say hello to my sons in MoonPack." I whispered in his dead ears. "I'm done Dragon." I heard Blood say. "Good, I'm sure you'll be a great leader. I'll visit some times and you can have one of my rivers for your pack." Dragon replied to his former deputy. "You, Claws. You'll be my new deputy. Though I'm sure you won't be as good as Blood was." Dragon said to a big brown wolf with a missing eye and a scar from his mouth to his chin. Then he left with about sixteen wolves with him. Blood came over to me, "Listen furball, now I run this Pack got it? No funny stuff. I've got fourteen warriors ready to bite your head off if you try anything with me. Also this is my deputy Razor." Blood growled at me pointing with his tail to a large grey wolf with a scar on his nose and yellow eyes like mine. Then I remembered him, that's my son. "Hello, Drake." Razor growled at me with a small smirk. All I could think of was where's his brothers Muroku and Niko? They were special and they have special powers. I had them with my mate Kat who was killed by a rouge after that my sons went missing and I thought they were dead along with my new sons Thorn and Blue who I had with Daisy. I am so confused...

I couldn't believe we lost, well actually I could believe it because we had only five warriors and two of them were me and Luna. Anyway, now our new leader is Blood and our new deputy is someone named Razor. Right now me, Luna, DemonGod, and Drake are having a meeting in the elder's stump. "Our new deputy, Razor, he's my. He's my... son." Drake said. I couldn't believe it and either could anyone else. "But your only sons were Blue and Thorn." I replied. "No, I had another mate, Kat who I had three sons with, Muroku, Razor, and Niko. Kat was killed by a rouge and my sons disapeared. Over time I got a new mate and new sons who are all dead now." Drake explained. "I know what to do, to save Fight Pack and to find your sons." DemonGod said. DemonGod has been around since Drake was a puppy, though back then he was a new warrior. He may be old but he still knows how to fight and hunt. "What DemonGod?" Drake asked. "Don't call me that horrid name! You know what my real name was, before Dimond ruled over Fight Pack." DemonGod growled. He used to have a crush on Dimond when he was a warrior, but she rejected him and when she became leader she renamed him. "Sorry, your name was Blueclaw right?" Drake asked. "Yes it was, anyway, your son Razor killed my brother Redclaw when I was in BravePack." Blueclaw said. Blueclaw used to live in another forest but when he figured out that the leader, Razor had killed his brother then he left and came to Fight Pack at least that's what I think happened... "When Razor became leader his brother Muroku found out that Razor had killed both my brother and Bravestar the leader before him. Once the whole pack knew of what Razor did they chased him into the forest where Razor became a warrior of Kill Pack and now he's the deputy of Fight Pack." Blueclaw continued. "I couldn't handle the fact that I had allowed Razor and his brothers to live in BravePack and how Razor betrayed us and killed my brother so I left BravePack and became a senior warrior to FightPack. Of course now I'm an elder and I've only had one son, scratch who is dead." Blueclaw finished. "And how does this help us?" Luna asked. "Hold on a minute, I need to suck up the tears." Blueclaw replied. "Tell me when he's done, I'm going to look at Fluff's wounds." Luna said as she left us. "Ok, now that she's gone, I have to tell you something Sol." Blueclaw said. "What DemonGod I mean Blueclaw." I asked. "You must go to the forest of wolves, when you get there you have to get help from BravePack and find the power crystal. If you fail then Kill Pack will rule the forest." He replied. "Why me?" I asked. "Sol, you are a cat. Drake took you, Luna, and Stripes in after all of your parents were killed by Dragon. The reason why you have to go is because cats can squeeze through the power crystal's lair which is a hidden underground tunnel. I found it but I was too big to fit through it." Blueclaw finished and I was shocked. "I'm a cat?" I asked myself. I guess that explains why I'm so small. "Yes you're a cat and you must leave Fight Pack, as soon as you can!" Blueclaw yelled and I ran out of the stump and I sneaked out of the pack. Once I sneaked away I ran and ran and ran until I got tired and I needed to rest. I looked around, I had no idea where I was or where BravePack is supposed to be.

I had checked on Fluff but Flower said he had ran away, I was scared to think he could've been killed but I just guessed he got bored. I went out of the medicine den and I went back to the stump hide-out. When I got inside I saw Drake and Blueclaw but Sol wasn't there. "Where's Sol?" I asked. "It was for the pack Luna..." Drake replied. I was confused, did they eat him or something? "We sent him on a very dangerous mission, it will take days for him to complete it and he might not even come back." blueclaw explained. I was shocked, "But he's so small! He'll never survive a dangerous mission if it means fighting other wolves!" I yelled. "Now Luna..." Blueclaw said but I cut him off, "Listen DemonGod! Blueclaw what ever your name is, that's my last friend out there fighting! If he dies I'll have no one! Blue, Thorn, Stripes, Thorn's kids, they're all gone! Why didn't you send yourself or send Drake?! You two are fully grown wolves! Sol is about as big as a street cat!" I growled. Blueclaw and Drake looked at each other then they looked at me again, "We sent Sol because this is a job for a cat. You and him are cats." Drake replied and I almost passed out.

I had laid down, I was starving and thirsty. I had always been starving and thirsty but running made it worse, I knew I wasn't going to make it to BravePack. I slowly died and I woke up in MoonPack. "Sol, we have summoned you here." I turned around and I saw I'm not sure who I saw. "Who are you?" I asked the white ghostly wolf. "I am Drake and Dragon's mother, I am Spirit. This is my mate, Dusk and this is our daughter Angel." Spirit said pointing to a large grey wolf and a small white puppy. It brought a tear to my eye when she said who they were, then I noticed there were other ghosts. Ghosts I reconized like Blue, Thorn, Tiny, Shrub, Stripes, Scratch, Mouse, Rattail and many others from the past. Tears flooded my eyes, all my friends were here. "Sol, stop crying dear." I turned to the right and I saw two cats a bit bigger than me. "Who are you two?" I asked them. "We are your parents, I am your mother, Patches and this your father Stitches." My mother said to me and I cried harder, my parents this was the first time I saw them and they were ghosts.
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