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Disk Defragmenter for boost performance.

I have been looking for a fast and free disk defragmenter for my windows system.
And now I found some of these.

It's the ultradefrag and smart defrag 2.
Which includes these fetures,


■Currently FAT, exFAT and NTFS are supported. (enhanced in 5.0.0)
■Defragmentation of files and folders including system files and file system meta files. (enhanced in 5.0.0)
■Full optimization of the drive, which processes all files despite of their fragmentation. (enhanced in 5.0.3)
■Quick optimization of the drive, which mainly processes fragmented files. (enhanced in 5.0.3)
■MFT optimization, which processes the MFT only. (enhanced in 5.0.1)
■Filtering of files to process by name, fragment count and size.
■Drive processing can be interrupted automatically after a defined amount of time.
■User defined log file creation, which highly simplifies reporting bugs. (enhanced in 5.0.6)
■Drives needed to be checked by CHKDSK are excluded. (enhanced in 5.0.5)
■

Graphical User Interface:
■Graphical display of the drives cluster map. (enhanced in 5.0.5)
■Modern design with menus and tool bar. (enhanced in 5.0.3)
■The hight of the drives list can be adjusted. (new in 5.0.0)
■The current progress and all important information are displayed in the drives list. (enhanced in 5.0.4)
■A final action can be specified to be executed after processing the drives. (new in 5.0.0)
■Color coding of the usage of the cluster map. (enhanced in 5.0.5)
■Localization can be done by the user or by one of the 58 included language packages. (enhanced in 5.0.6)
■

Smart defrag 2

  1. Boot-time defrag (Both)
  2. Performance boost
  3. Automatic defrag (Both)
  4. fast defrag speed:

All these can only be seem on paid commercial product. (Smart defrag 2)

1.) Ultradefrag -

2.) Smartdefag -

after reading that page, i don't see any need to use it.

windows 7 by default will defrag my drives on background. and i never need to:

    Process all drives except those specified. i will just let windows defrag all drives and windows is smart enough not to defrag my ssd.
    Process selected file. why do i need only to defrag certain files? am i that dumb?
    Process selected folder. same reason as above.
    Process selected folder and its content. same reason as above.
    Filter files to process by name, size and number of fragments. what?? where is the process file by frequently access option?
    Graphical representation of the cluster map. who need to run it in foreground?
    Limit drive processing time. who cares? it run in background.
    Repeat drive processing till there is nothing left to move. what actually it try to achieve by packing everything in "front" of the hd?

one important feature it miss: Change process CPU priority . i really don't want my computer to be sluggish when defragmenter run in background.

my opinion, this guy is totally wasting his time.
Windows 7 on both my Desktop and three laptops do it once a month apart of some PC Help and Support package that came preinstalled. It also updates my computers for me... Defrags and alot more. I don't need to use any third party software that isn't already native to my original partition install.
badai wrote:

after reading that page, i don't see any need to use it.

windows 7 by default will defrag my drives on background. and i never need to:

I am sorry.
I stilll have some older machines that need to be running the windows xp system.
Such as PII and PIII. That's why I need this app.

The only system which is running windows 7 is my laptop.
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