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What are you going to do in the next 10 years?

In the next 10 years you would be older, and you would be tired of your boss if you were working for the other person.

My question is what would you do in the next 10 years?
Probably my PhD will be complete by then and I will be in a more comfortable position.

My 4yr old boy will be in his teenage by then and I have to take care of him differently.

I may purchase a new car.

My home loan will be over by then.

And just cann't think more--It is a long time, I will get enough time to plan things out depending on the situation. It is really hard to predict what the world will be after 10 years from now.
I'm probably pretty irresponsible, but have never thought ahead that long in advance. For now I have to plan what I'm going to do with my leave in September. As well as where next to move to after the UAE. Probably back to Vancouver, Canada in the next 18 months or so. Or I may try out South America.
Good grief, I don't even know what I'm going to be doing in 2 years, let alone 10.

I honestly have no idea. I'm studying film at the moment, and I'll have finished my degree in 18 months. This terrifies me as I have no idea what's going to come next. Probably crippling unemployment. Heck, I don't even know what country I'll be living in then.

Either way, as long as I'm happy, I guess it doesn't matter what I'm doing.
Man, I have no idea what I'll be doing in 10 years... hopefully working in research or conservations... but, really, I don't know what I'm doing on August 13th, after my current contract ends, let alone 10 years down the road.

It's hard right now finding work in ecological and entomological sciences! Finding work that's longer than about 6mo. to a year seems freakin' impossible to me right now, NO job postings I've been finding have been for permanent, long term employment. It's hard to plan a future contract to contract.
The future is unpredictable of course. Ten years ago, if somebody told me that I'll be doing what I'm doing today, I'd say he's nuts! Here I am though...

I can invest my time in planning and thinking about what the future holds, but wasting more than several minutes on it while going back from work, for instance, would be too much I reckon.

One needs to have some general idea about his direction in life and what he wants to achieve, but sitting and planning your life in detail might result in the present being wasted or, in the worst case, a forced invitation to a mental hospital... Razz
As I am getting older . I will try to master more programming skills to gain more money .Then travel around .
In 10 years I will have a novel published, have issued at least 3 albums worth of free music, and be living at the beach....
hmmmm me, i dont know yet.. but my goal is always there... 10 years is fast.. and i getting old on that 10 years..

i will continue my focus and invest more on my interest..
live , probably
The next 2 years, to learn more skills as an undergraduate. And then I will probably continue to get my master degree and even PhD~ But I am not sure whether I will work as an office worker or not after graduating from my university~
hopefully I'll be writing video games.
hmm i think i wanna make a anime cafe Very Happy
anyone who likes anime, any idea for my project? Very Happy
Hopefully, I will be a capable and experienced software engineer working at my own company and enjoying every moment of it. I also want to be a better chess player and improve my English further. I would like to be stable financially and become a better person overall.
My next 10 years are going to be filled with Cisco certification training and Microsoft MCSE certifications. Just got a job for an internet company as a tech support specialist. Pretty good higher up job for a guy who's only self taught with no "technically official" work experience. I lucked out. This is definitely the direction i want to go. Should provide a good future as well Razz

I have an uncle who works with computers, and he even recomended the path I'm headed on now, before I could tell him i was on it. So I'm a happy techy Very Happy

Now to figure out which college in my area (or online) would be best for my circumstances....
Hopefully, I'd have finished up my Architecture and did a masters in that. Start teaching, which I like. Published a couple of novels. Find the love of my life. Find enough money to get by comfortably.
I live in the day at a time. I do not care where I happen to be in ten years.
This is a question I ask the students when I substitute teach. I find it 'strange' that the kids never get ask that question. I love most of their answers. Very well thought out for the short time we take on the subject. I had one student bring into a class 3 days later a detail answer with a "Thank you for making me think about my life".
As for me, I don't know. I hope business goes well and maybe some travel.
I would have achieved few of my dreams including own business. Being own boss is something which make you feel some of achievement.
I am early await for every day as each day brings new hopes and aspiration for me.
I'm not sure how much planning I will do with my life now. I know I plan to stay employed, I Plan so save money and I plan to stay happy.

I hope that I am either still working in my current job or maybe I'll have moved into a higher position (maybe the coordinator since the current supervisor has only been working the Help Desk for 8 years and I think she was in the position since she started the Help Desk).

I hope I will have met that special someone who makes me feel special, makes me happy, and someone who I can do the same for. Maybe I'll have settled down with someone, might have a house and I'd like to think I've had a kid already since I'd like my first before I'm 30!

I hope to have only one cat still: Mynx (she'd be 11 years old). I don't envy being a crazy cat lady like my sister.

I may have another guinea pig since the ones I have would be dead by then. This one would probably be about 4 or 5 years old.

I think I'll take life one day at a time. Plan what I need to and the rest... I'll go where I want to, do what I want to...
I have already reached 25 and I had really made plans on what I would do when I would reach 25. I did most of what I had planned but now I am in a point in life where I am not sure what to do in the future. I had not planned past this point in my life. I am really unsure what to do. I am scared of finding a job ( 9 to 5 jobs) and I am not sure if there is anything that I can do on my own that would support my financial needs for my life. So, I can pretty much sum up that I am quite lost.
I just want to be healthy, happy and wise. The opposite is not what I want. Though it can't be expected that we are always that way something reasonable is what I mean. Happy is achieveable because it is a state of mind. Wise is something we can work on if we maintain an attitude of learning so that is possible. Healthy might be out of our control but we can work on it everyday and with a little effort maybe that come about too.
i should invest now so that 10 years i am ready for it. What i do for today will define my 10 years after. YEAH!!!
I'm not sure. I might have finished doing Mathematics or Applied Physics, maybe get a degree in Chemistry, and will be having a decent job. Maybe get myself a partner of sorts, preferably a man. The future can be unpredictable, though Sad
I just want to be health and happy. Because with poor health and unhappiness i never achieve my goal and never plan for the future. So health is important. My plan for 10 years is still not planned but i try to remain in touch with those who does research work. Very Happy Smile Arrow
I'm going to learn programming and become more mobile!
I am going to continue to do what I have done in my spare time for the last year until I am successful with it and can earn an impressive income - change my life and those around me - It is no get rich quick scheme but it is a way to consistently work an hour or two a day building my business with a great company that will be around for decades to come - residual leveraged income - that is what I plan on doing for the next 10 years!!!
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