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CB Radio

do you use CB Radio or have you.

do you like to hear the truckers swear like sailors on there
and make jokes and stuff?

you drive your truck around the town or city and on the roads
and you talk with Truckers and its all FREE and unregulated.

except , FCC puts a 5 mile max range for CB
and Ham Radio you cannot swear do to FCC regulations.

i'm sorry if this is in the wrong category but i think of CB Radio as a hobby
and listening to truckers swear is funny plus that old Truckers Slang.
What I have learned over the years by the CB radio operators, was that most were always friendly and helpful. I've made ​​my own and to try to harm the CB radio operator's needs. So I e.g. Cars on the expressway, which lie remained, dragged out of a danger area. But, even in minor accidents when I'm gone and I helped. In most cases, the parties have argued, who is now debt. I've secured the accident scene until the police arrived. A policeman said to me later that the class was from me. Most participants forget the accident that the accident site must be secured. A week earlier at the same point was an accident. Also not covered vehicle slammed head-on and a 3 in the accident. 5 people were hospitalized with broken bones after that. The policeman took his leave of me with the words: "If only all motorists are so ......" Since I'm gone and when I'm intensely prepared for such situations. Involve securing the accident scene, brief interventions at the scene of the accident and rescue, and I can do any time. Of course there are the little things that one can help you. Jump start because the battery is down, is just one issue.
mobile phones killed cb radio
CB is still good, I know a few people that still use it. Miss the days a few years ago when police etc were still using standard radio frequencies instead of that encrypted stuff, if you saw a police helicopter over your house you could find out what was going on instead of being in the dark.
they now use wirless comunications the key is backtrack
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