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Will Chelsea wrap up the Premiership title by Boxing Day?

Well, Chelsea Manager Jose Morinhno said that he hopes that Chelsea wrap up the Premiership title by boxing day.

I think that's sheer arrogance. What do you guys think? But well, this guy does know his shit, so it might be possible. Ha ha.....I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

By the way, Everton finally held Chelsea to a draw yesterday. Wow....what a surprise. Everton, a team that was supposed to be "challenging" for the champion's league, is now anchor at the bottom of the english premierleague. What an irony. Razz
it's really hard to say, if man u continues the current form, and fabregas cannot fill viera's shoes, it could be possible for chelsea to win by then!

but take into the consideration that mourinho correctly predicted Chelsea's win last year.

but ultimately it's just a scare/psychological tactic...some teams may feel intimidated, some teams might go on a full scale attack when playing them, and Chelsea's very good at punishing teams when they are too adventurous eg. Liverpool and Betis.
I'm a United supporter but I have to admit that Chelsea is in absolutely sensational form aside from yesterday's hiccup. It's Chelsea's to lose.

Jose Mourinho may be arrogant, but when you win a UEFA Cup one year, a Champions League title the next year, and a Premiership title the year after that, I'd say he has every right to be arrogant.

I think it'll be very difficult for Chelsea to continue in this form and I hope United can hold down the fort until some of their injured players come back. Hopefully there will be a surge and United will be in contention for the title by the time Boxing Day comes around.
I also think Mourinho is a bit arogant he also know that chelsea can't win the Premiership at boxing day !!! Also chelsea have their bad days so they will spend points !!!
i pretty sure that Chelsea gonna take the Premiership at tngland.. if not it's will be very maptia
Mourinho is extremely arrogant, only problem is he can be, because he's got the credentials to back it up. Doesn't mean that I'll ever like him though. Chelsea will win the league, dunno if it will be by Boxing Day though
1st defeat last night! the next team better be careful =)
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