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Apple's Court Cases Against Rivals

So Apple continue to take legal proceedings against various electronics firms, stating their ideas are being copied.

Apple need to get off their high horse and realise that this is a massive and growing industry, and that if they continue to act the way they are, consumer choice will be vastly reduced, and the innovation in this industry will stop. Nobody wants a monopoly, being forced into buying only one brand.
The advancing of court cases to enforce patents like these are NOT just the domain of Apple, every company that holds these sorts of patents does it; if you think otherwise, you're idealistic and naοve.

What tends to happen in these cases is that the two companies decide to settle, offering some patent swaps. That way the offending company keeps using the patented technology and the defending company then gets access to some of their patents. It's fairly standard procedure for "sharing" patents.
Really, IMO, this is a ridiculous practice, but it is common... It moreso reflects problems with patent law and how it works/what is accepted as patentable and needs revision, much like copyright.
Da Rossa
That's why I liked Steve Jobs, love iPhone and dislike Apple.
Da Rossa wrote:
That's why I liked Steve Jobs, ... and dislike Apple.

That's an interesting statement, given that Jobs was a pretty large reason that Apple became the Apple you dislike. Do you mind explaining what you meant?
Da Rossa
Because Jobs had a lot of qualities and was indeed a innovation genious. Only that he was not a humble person.

I like his inventions. However, what I mean about disliking Apple is only about their policies. Why can't they f***ing add more flexibility, interoperability with other devices, a nice USB port for communications and last, but not least, install apps we want! Not meaning piracy, but why some decent apps are simply removed from the appstore? Apple is so self-centered.
Jobs wasn't that much of an innovator; he used others' ideas, he wasn't an inventor... but he had good business vision. His strength was vision, not innovation.
A lot of the inflexibility and lack of features that you have issues with are pretty much the direct results of Steve Jobs' outlook and control of product. That corporate self-centeredness is largely his doing. Honestly, I think it has made for a generally better product, and the shortcomings are usually well offset by the advantages, but, not everyone has my outlook on it Wink
Da Rossa
You're right, he wasn't much of an innovator. Still, being that visionary makes the comparison to 'genius' fair. He didn't make innovation regarding products themselves, but innovated on how to deal with the market. Tell me if I'm wrong (I might be): wasn't he who proliferated the music business the way it is done by today? A few people go to records stores to get a CD nowadays. He convinced people to produce their songs and sell for 1,99 dollars, even with no lousy songs just to fill an album. Some artists relucted but then they said 'yes, let's do this way.'

So, that was courageous at least.
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